Thursday, May 31, 2007

Race Day Is Closing In...

Race day is fast approaching. The last two days have been all about strength training. Tonight I will do a very short easy jog to finish up my last workout before Saturday's fun.
Here is a few details about my race. The race is in Elberton, GA and part of the Tri The Parks Triathlon Series called the Richard B. Russell Triathlon/Duathlon. This is an intermediate distance event.
Run: 5k (3.1 Miles)
Bike: 22 Mile
Run: 10k (6.2 Miles)
Here are the times I'm shooting for on Saturday.
Run: Sub 30 min.
Bike: 1:35:00
Run: 1:10:00
Total: 3:14:00 estimation
The plan is to leave tomorrow around lunch time and head down to Elberton which is about an hour and 45 min drive. First step is to check into the hotel room and get settled in. Second step is to go out to the race site and pick up my packet. Third step is on the way back to the hotel drive the bike course and just get a feel for it. I've been studying the course with maps and I'm looking forward to driving it tomorrow. The bike course is an out and back course. The run course was described as mostly flat and fast. Its a 5k course so the last leg will be a two lapper! I'm hoping that it is flat and fast!:)
Race starts at 7:30am Saturday morning. One of the reasons we decided to get a hotel room is because of the early start. Plus it makes it kind of a fun weekend trip. This race for me is about one thing...having fun! It will be a challenge but I will survive and finish this race. I really am excited and do not feel any pre race nerves yet. Yes, I did say yet because probably by tomorrow night I will be feeling those butterflies. When I cross that finish line Saturday I'm sure I will be feeling all kinds of emotion as I think back to what my lifestyle was just a couple of years ago where exercise was defined by the amount of times I would get off the sofa to get food out of the fridge. Now things are quite different! I feel I'm ready to leap the hurdles that may come my way on Saturday. Training is done and I am ready. Bring it on! - Jason

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lunch Time Fun...Moon Light Run...

Run: 6.4 Miles
Time: 1:12:32
Pace: 11:20 pace

Had a great Memorial Day weekend. Got a great lifting session in on Sunday morning and spent the rest of the day with the family. Monday I decided to take the day off from workouts and spent time with the family.

Today I got in another great lifting session at lunch time...

Bench Press 4x10 (added weight)
Incline Press 3x10 (added weight)
Decline Press 3x10 (added weight)
Flat Chest Flyes 3x10
Hammer Curls 4x15
Standing Dumbbell Curls 4x10
Seated Leg Press (lighter weight)
Leg Curl (lighter weight)
Weighted Crunches 4x15

I'm really starting to feel stronger and have already experienced some nice gains. I'm looking forward to more and more as I move along. My weight loss has stalled over the last couple of weeks. I just haven't been as strict with my diet as I need to be. I'm maintaining what I've lost but I need to kick the diet into gear to get some more weight off. I'm going to stick with just maintaining my current weight until after my race on Saturday and then it's full tilt weight loss to get ready for my marathon in November.

Tonight was a great moonlight stroll. No worries about time or pace just took it nice and easy and I was surprised to look down and see over 6 miles as I approached the house. It was such a nice night to run I got a little lost in my thoughts and before I knew it I had gone 6.4 miles. What a great easy run on a great night. Saturday is fast approaching and I'm getting more and more excited as the days pass. Have a great Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. - Jason

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day...

It's hard to put into words how thankful I am for those who serve our country in the armed forces. DUTY...HONOR...What an example we all need to follow.

From me and my family...thank you.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Testing My Limits...

10:30 AM
Run: 3.1 Miles
Time: 27:53
Pace: 9:00

11:00 AM
Bike: 24.4 Miles
Time: 1:48:52
Avg. Speed: 13.4 mph

12:54 PM
Run: 3.1 Miles
Time: 33:48
Pace: 10:55

Packed up my gear this morning and headed on out to Donaldson Center for my workout. Arrived around 10:15 this morning. I decided last night that I would do my own simulated Duathlon instead of just a bike and run. The plan was to do a 5k then jump on the bike and ride the full 22 mile and then jump off and do another 5k.

Started my first leg right at 10:30 and the legs felt good. I knew it was going to be a fast (well, for me anyway) just checking my pace as I ran. Came in at one of my fastest times for the 5k distance 27:53 which is right at 9:00 min pace. By 11am I was on my bike and off on the second leg of my workout. My plan for the bike...just have fun...and boy I had a blast. I didn't really start getting sore until about mile 20 when I noticed a little soreness in my back and my right arm but no biggie. I did go an extra 2.4 miles on the bike and arrived back at my transition with a bike time of 1:48:52. I little slower pace then my past rides out there but speed was not of concern. When I jumped off the bike my first thought....Oh boy this hurts...but I gathered myself took about 4 minutes or so and started off on my final leg and second 5k. About 1 mile in I had to stop and walk and take on about 8oz of water. I walked for just a few feet then got back to it. I had to stop and walk a couple more times but I kept at it and finished in 33:48 just under 11:00 min pace. I was exhausted but very pleased with my workout.

Almost a full year ago I did my first 5k and my time was 34:30 around 11:07 pace. So, to do a 5k, ride for 24 miles, and still come in under that time for the last 5k is just awesome. I feel ready to have fun next weekend and I know, based on today, that it will be a challenge but I'm determined to just go out and have a blast. When I got home I had about 16oz of Powerade and a nice cold shower. I'm a little sore but feel great.

Last night me and the family went out to what's called Freedom Weekend Aloft. A bunch of the local eatery's and all your typical fair games and rides are out at one of our parks for the next few days. The have about 50 plus hot air balloons that take off and give rides and what a cool sight it was last night watching them all take off. My daughter (age 4) has never seen a hot air balloon and she was just overwhelmed by the sight, very cool. Check out the cool slideshow of pics from last night...

I was able to survive the cravings and not eat all the good smellin' food they had out there but it was not easy as my wife and kid are sucking all the good food down. More importantly we had a great time as a family and it was the highlight of my night. I think we may go out there again tonight and goof around playing games. Maybe I can win Gracie a big stuffed animal!!! Hope everyone has a great Saturday night and be safe! - Jason

Friday, May 25, 2007

Feel Good Friday

Run: 4.2 Miles
Time: 42:58
Pace: 10:14

I love this time of year to be able to go out at 8pm and still have the sun out is awesome. Some things I noticed about last nights easy pace seems to now be close to what my race pace has been for the shorter distances. I didn't feel like I was pushing at all on the run and still averaged just over 10 minute miles. I'm very excited to see what my time will be on the first leg of my race next weekend. Based on my training run times I am setting a goal of a sub 30 minute 5k. The run was great and I didn't want to stop but my wife had plans with one of her friends so I had to get back.

Today was shoulder/triceps/core (I added some chest and bicep work)...

Dumbbell Front Raise 4x10
Dumbbell Laterial Raise 4x10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4x10
Machine Shoulder Press 4x10
Tricep Pushdown 4x10
Dumbbell Tricep Extension 3x10
Weighted Crunches 4x15
Straight Bar Curls 3x10
Hammer Curls 3x10
Regular Curls 3x10
Bench Press 3x15

Tomorrow will be another brick session out at Donaldson center. Have a great Friday! - Jason

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Late Gym Night

Didn't get over to the gym until 9:15 last night. It was actually kind of nice because I had the gym to myself or at least the free weight area anyway. Did my Monday routine...

Monday - Chest/Biceps/Core
Bench Press - 4 x10
Incline Bench - 3 x10
Decline Bench - 3 x10
Dumbbell Flyes - 3 x10
Standing DB Curl - 3 x10
Standing Straight bar Curl - 3 x10
Hammer Curl - 3 x10
Weighted Crunches - 4 x10

I didn't go up in weight on any exercise but the weight used was much easier to lift and I am defiantly feeling stronger. My diet last night was another story....boy did I have a cheat meal last night...:) French fries, onion rings, Cheetos, chocolate pudding, and a few cookies. Wow, what a disaster. I did great all day but got home and it was like let me eat everything in site. No biggie and not much damage on the scale. One cheat meal will not ruin the last 6 months of hard work. Today was back to eating better and I do feel much better for it.

Have a great Tuesday night! - Jason

Monday, May 21, 2007

Two a Day Sunday...

Bike: 22.2 Miles
Time: 1:34:27
Avg. Speed: 14.1mph
Run: 3.1 Miles
Time: 28:46
Pace: 9:17
Yesterday I decided to go back out to Donaldson to do another ride. This time I wanted to do the full distance of my duathlon coming up in less then 2 weeks. Didn't get out there until about 11:30 but was able to do 22.2 miles. The ride was really uneventful and most of all I just enjoyed being out and riding. The weather was again just beautiful with the temp hitting about 78 degrees. Very fun ride and I look forward to longer distances.
Got home and enjoyed some time again playing outside with my wife and daughter. I decided around 7:30 last night to go ahead and run after my daughter went down for bed. Around 8:30 I took off with the goal of 3.1 miles. About a mile in I looked down at my Garmin and saw I was running an 8:30 pace, ouch, it didn't seem I was going that fast. I decided to slow up the pace and was surprised to feel that a 9:20 pace felt ok. I finished the 3.1 strong and felt great again after the run. For me to hold a 9:17 pace for 3.1 miles on a route that has some tough hills is just an incredible feeling. Back in October I was struggling to hold a 12 min pace and a lot of my runs were in the 13 minute range. Very pleased with were I'm at right now and what a great run last night.
It's been a good month of May so far. Here are my totals for the month.
Bike: 58.3 Miles
Run: 32.2 Miles
Strength: 12 workouts
Again, just wish my running miles were a little higher but I can't complain. Last week I ran 11.2 miles and this week I ran 12.5. Tonight is my Chest/Bicep/core workout and I'm looking forward to hitting the weights. Hope everyone has a great Monday. - Jason

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Great Saturday...

Bike: 15.3 Miles
Time: 1:04:06
Avg Speed: 14.3mph
Run: 3.2 Miles
Time: 32:03
Pace: 10:01

Got up around 7:45 this morning, ate my favorite breakfast, packed up my gear, and was on my way to Donaldson Center by 8:45. The weather was a nice cool 60 degrees when I started and not a cloud in the sky, just beautiful.

Jumped on the bike and kept a nice easy pace for 15.3 miles. Jumped off the bike and probably spent about 3 minutes before I was off on the run. The first 200 feet or so were again awkward but once I got about a half mile in I felt great. When I hit the 2 mile mark I was really on a high and felt great and decided to do the 5k distance. To my surprise I was holding my race pace very easily through the entire run and when I crossed my finish line I had alot more in the tank. I wanted to keep running but decided to just do the 3.2 and live to fight another day. I was really on a high when I finished, what a great workout! I put on a dry shirt packed up my gear and was able to catch up with David and Mendy right before I left to wish him luck in his tri event tomorrow.

I was very excited to get home and clean up because I had plans to spend the afternoon with my daughter Gracie. My wife had an event to go to so it was just me and my "bean". We took off to get a few things at Target and then it was off to the park to play. We spent almost 2 hours at the park goofing off and what a blast we had. Got home and she helped me wash the car, or, really wash herself:). We had fun playing and splashing in the water what a blast and the highlight of my day. Hope everyone had as good a Saturday as I did. - Jason

Friday, May 18, 2007

Adding Mileage

This week I've put in 10 miles of running 20 miles of cycling and 3 strength training workouts. Tomorrow I will be doing my second brick workout and once again I will be going to Donaldson Center. I'm looking to get at least 15 miles on the bike and at least 2 miles of running maybe more if my body lets me.

I've also been able to drop a couple of pounds since last weekend and I hope that trend continues. My allergies have been bothering me all day today, must be something new blooming out there. Despite that I got my strength work done at lunch and here's the rundown.

Dumbbell Front Raise: 3 x10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3 x10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 3 x10
Hammer Curls: 3 x10
Standing Dumbbell Curls: 3 x10
Straight Bar Curls: 3 x10
Shoulder Press: 3 x10
Weighted Crunches: 4 x10
Standing Calf Raises: 3 x20

My plan for tomorrow is to get up around 8am and eat my favorite breakfast...

2 Slices 7 grain bread
1 Medium Banana
2 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
32oz water

pack up my gear and head on out to Donaldson Center. Hoping I will get started no later then 9:30. Mendy and David have their drill this weekend so maybe I can at least catch up with them to say hey and wish David luck on his triathlon Sunday. My run last night was fantastic as it was the first time I just went out and didn't worry about how fast I was, I just enjoyed the run. I feel so blessed to be able to get out there and run and it feels great. I realized that I really do love to run. Stayed tuned for my brick workout update. Hope everyone had a great Friday. - Jason

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Silent Ride

Last night I rode in a great event honoring those who have been injured or killed cycling. It was very cool to be part of such an event. We rode at a nice easy pace about 10 yards between each cyclist with police escort the entire 12 miles or so. Anyway, my buddy David said it best on his blog with pictures from the event! Here are a few more pics to enjoy.

I will update on my workouts this evening. Have a great Thursday. - Jason

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Running and Feeling Good...

Run: 6.21 Miles
Time: 1:03:03
Pace: 10:10

Started out on my run around 8:30 last night and I decided to do a 10k. I also decided to do more of a tempo run holding my normal race pace for this distance. I was very happy to be able to hold that pace especially considering the lack of mileage over the past few weeks. The run felt great minus a dog trying to chase me down about halfway in, talk about heart rate spike! Anyway, it felt great and I'm excited about adding more mileage over the next few weeks.

Tonight there is a local ride I'll be doing called the ride of silence for those cyclist who have lost their lives riding here in the Upstate of South Carolina and to bring awareness to cycling in the area. It's a flat 12 mile course and all the riders will be riding together in single file. Should be a good event. Tonight will also be my quads and calves workout. I plan on hitting the gym around 9pm tonight. Hope everyone has a safe Wednesday. - Jason

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lacking Mileage

Yesterday was chest/bicep/core day. I decided to hit the weights at lunch time thinking that the gym would be less crowded and I even went a little later then normal. To my surprise the gym was very busy and it took me a little longer to get through my workout.

Bench Press: 4 x10
Incline Press: 3 x10
Decline Press: 3 x10
Dumbbell Flyes: 4 x10
Hammer Curls: 4 x15
Standing Dumbbell Curls: 4 x15
Straight Bar Curls: 4 x10
Weighted Crunches: 4 x15

My diet was less then ideal over this past weekend but thankfully not too much damage was done and I'm back to eating right. After watching the triathlon this past weekend I've been really considering maybe doing a triathlon this year. I know for a fact that I will be hitting the tri circuit in 2008 but it might be fun to do one this year. The only issue I have is I don't won't to pull my focus off November 10th and my date with the city of Richmond, or at least 26.2 miles of Richmond. So, I will decide here in the next few days.

My running mileage has dropped off considerably since my half marathon. Only getting 11 miles in last week and 10 miles the week before. This week will be different and I really want to get my running back up in the 20 plus mile a week range where it was prior to my half. I'm only 17 days away from my duathlon and I only have one brick workout under my belt. Not enough training, not enough....must work harder!:) No, really, this duathlon for me is more about just going out and having fun and also learning a little bit about the multi sport world but I do want to survive and finish so I will be dedicated to getting in as many bricks as I can in the next 17 days. Happy Tuesday! - Jason

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Wow..what a weekend. First let me back up to Friday. I got my shoulder/tricep workout in Friday evening and it felt great.

I was going to get up on Saturday morning and do my second brick workout but Friday evening I was talking to my father-in-law and we decided we would go down to cheer on our friend David in his triathlon! Saturday morning I picked up my father-in-law around 7:15 and we were off to Clemson which is about an hour or just under an hour drive. When we got down there we were greeted by David's wife and my friend Mendy and also friends Robin and Scott. What a blast it was to watch. It really got me foaming at the mouth to do tri's. David did a fantastic job and really looked and acted like a pro out there! Great job David! All that hard work is paying off and I know I speak for Bob as well when I say we look forward to maybe catching another race this year! Congrats on the great finish.

Well, instead of a weekend full of workouts it was a weekend spent with family. It was great spending time with family that's located on the other side of the country. They will be flying back to LA tomorrow afternoon. My daughter Gracie has had a blast playing with her cousins.

Today will be chest/bicep and core day as well as a 5 mile run tonight. I hope everyone had a great Mother's day and make it a great Monday! - Jason

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Run: 5.6 miles
Time: 1:02:31
Pace: 11:06

This run was from Tuesday night and finally...finally a fantastic run.

When I started out Tuesday night I figured I would change up from my normal route and it was great. It was the first time since my half I was able to find a good pace and I didn't want to stop. I wanted to get at least 7 miles but I just didn't have enough time. We had family fly in from LA Tuesday night and they had to be picked up late.

I decided to skip my quads/calves workout last night and just take a full day of rest. Today will be another easy run and I'm determined to make it another good run. It seems my weight loss has been stuck at one number for a several days so I started to mix some things up in my diet by zig zagging my calories. Hopefully I can stimulate the weight loss train again. Have a great Thursday! - Jason

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Moving Forward

Here is the rundown on my workouts from Sunday and Monday.

Sunday - First Brick
Bike: 7.5 Miles 31:19 (14.4mph)
Run: 1.3 miles 13:28 (10:22pace)

I decided to head down to Donaldson Center on Sunday afternoon to get my first brick workout out of the way. Packed up my gear and got over to Donaldson Center by 2pm. Jumped on the bike and went 7.5 miles. I wanted to average about 16mph but could only get to around 14. Partly because the wind was so terrible and it seemed to always be right in my face through the entire ride (worked the quads well). I came in at 31:19 and jumped off the bike threw it in the back of my Tahoe put on my hat drank some water and about 2 minutes later I was off and running. Boy howdy, let me tell how awkward that first 100 meters was:) it was interesting to say the least but as I was running my legs started to loosen up and feel better and by a half mile in my legs were fine and it seemed I adjusted. I came in and finished running only 1.3 miles in 13:28 (10:22 pace). Now, I wish I had run a little farther then I did but for my first brick I'm ok with running only the 1.3. No questions I was exhausted and next weekend I look forward to running 2 miles. I'm going to increase my running mileage just a little bit each weekend right up to the race.

Monday - 11:30 am
Run: 5.5 Miles
Time: 1:00:18
Pace: 10:52

Strength Training: Chest/Biceps/Core - 9:00pm
Bench Press - 4 x10
Incline Bench - 3 x10
Decline Bench - 3 x10
Dumbbell Flyes - 3 x10
Standing DB Curl - 3 x10
Standing Straight bar Curl - 3 x10
Hammer Curl - 3 x10
Weighted Crunches - 4 x15

First let me talk about my run yesterday. Again another struggling run. This time it just seemed I had everything going wrong. First, about a mile in I painfully realized I was wearing a cotton t-shirt...ouch...then no matter what direction I ran the wind just beat me into submission. At mile 3 I had to use the bathroom...badly...did I mention I had to use the bathroom....badly? What was I just saying about being mentally focused? Every ounce of it was tested on that 5.5 mile run. I've felt better coming off 10 mile runs then I did in yesterday's 5 mile run. I was so mentally screwed up I actually said to myself..."I'm not a runner who am I kidding" talk about bad attitude...way to go professor positive!

Anyway, once I got home took shower I did feel better and I had to laugh. I know I'm going to have bad runs the difference is I know I'm going to get right back out there today and do it again. It may be bad it may be good but at least I'm out there giving it everything I got. I am focused and not even a poor run like yesterdays is going to stop me. In fact, when I got to the gym last night I took my running frustration out on the weights and had a fantastic workout. I was lifting like an angry man last night and it felt great to push and pull some weight! Have a great Tuesday and don't forget to workout! - Jason

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Building Strength...Staying Focused!

My plan for Saturday was to do my first "brick" workout but it rained all day today so I decided to hit the weights instead since it looks like it will clear up by tomorrow afternoon.

Here's my workout from Friday evening.

Leg Press 4 x10
Leg Press Calf Raises 4 x15
Standing Calf Raises 4 x15
Seated Leg Press 4 x10
Leg Curl 4 x10
Weighted Crunches 4 x15

Saturday's workout...
Tricep Pushdown 3x10
Assisted Tricep Dips 3x6 (these hurt)
Lying Tricep Extension 3x10
Dumbbell Tricep Extension 3x10
Shoulder Press 4x10
Dumbbell Front Raise 3x10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3x10
Barbell Bent Over Row 3x10
Seated Cable Row 3x10
Front Lat Pulldown 3x10
Dumbbell Shrugs 3x10
Weighted Crunches 4x15

My cold has gotten much better and I can finally breath better. I am still a little congested but it seems to be on its way out (knock on wood). So, hopefully tomorrow afternoon I will get some seat time on the bike and then jump into a short run for my first brick workout. I did do a short brick workout last summer and I do mean short (not fun then but I was 65 pounds heavier!) Only a few more weekends left before my Duathlon and then on to marathon training.

I have to say even fighting a cold I feel like I have never been this focused. My diet is really getting dialed in and my training for me is right on target. More importantly I feel mentally focused and ready to push my training to the next level. Here I come you big bad 26.2...the running man is coming...were getting close to meeting face to face and I will be ready. Where's that rocky song when you need it?:) Anyway, I'm getting fired up and having a blast. Keep running! - Jason

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rough Night: Part II

My cold seems to have gotten worse since yesterday and it did not make for a good nights rest last night. I was up most of the night battling sinus issues.

I think I need to clarify some things about my strength training routine. My 4 day split workout in no way will cause me to "bulk" up. Strength training is a key factor in the aid of fat loss and improved overall fitness. Bulking or building mass is as much a part of nutrition as it is hitting the weights. Two things would have to change if I was trying to "bulk up".

1. I would have to consume at least double the amount of calories.
2. My strength routine would include heavier weight and lower reps like a MAX-OT program.

I lost 65 pounds from Oct to March and did very little strength training. All running, biking and diet. I did successfully build a good running base and I did successfully finish my half marathon. So, what's my problem? My overall fitness is my problem. I need to build strength to improve not just my running times but more importantly the way I feel.

I believe...

Building strength is a key factor in endurance sports. Building strength can make you run faster, longer, and recover quicker. Building strength can help lower the risk of injury. Building strength can improve overall goal.

My program was specifically designed to lower weight, or better yet, lower my body fat. Nothing is better, in my opinion, then strength and core training. My routine uses moderate weight and higher reps. It's also a split routine, meaning, I'm working different muscle groups on different days giving plenty of time for rest between each workout and between each muscle group. I think strength training should be a part of every runners/Triathletes training. Even a 2 day a week full body routine would have a lasting effect on performance.

I do appreciate and respect all the great advice so by all means keep it coming!:) Coming up in 30 days I have my first multi sport event and just getting the advice I've gotten already has helped tremendously! I am following each one of your journey's soaking up everything I can to help with my own goals. Thank you for sharing.

Well, about last night....I didn't get to the gym because I really didn't feel like sneezing all over the equipment and I'm sure the other members appreciate that! I decided to move my quads and calves workout to tonight. Hopefully I will start feeling better today to get it done. Have a great Thursday! - Jason The Running Man

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Rough Night

Run: 3.1 Miles
Time: 33:34
Pace: 10:38

Well, last night I started getting a sore throat and sure enough by 1am I was up sneezing and just having a hard time. Mostly sinus all above the neck problems that kept me up most of the night. I decided to push my run to lunch time today which is really a good thing because I do need to do some runs in the heat.

Started my run around 11:45 and very shortly into the first mile I was suffering from the heat. This is really only my second run in temps over 80 degrees since last summer and I was suffering.

I had to stop and walk briefly three different times just to try and cool down a little. I'm still having problems pacing myself and finding a good rhythm on my runs but I will find it eventually. I was able to finish with a slow jog and I do feel good that I was able to get at least 3 miles in today. Just trying to stay positive! One word description....HOT!

Tonight is quads and calves and here is my workout...

Safety Barbell Squat: 4 x10
Leg Press: 4 x10
Leg Curl: 3 x10
Standing Calf Raises: 4 x12
Leg Press Calf Raises: 4 x12
Seated Calf Raise: 3 x10
Seated Leg Press: 3 x10
Weighted Crunches: 4 x15
Dumbbell Squat: 3 x10

My calories yesterday were too low. I came in at 1758 for Monday. It looks like today will again be below 2000. I'm going to try and get them up over 2000 before the end of the day, just haven't been as hungry. In order to continue to drop in weight and factoring in my level of activity my calories should be around the 2500/2700 range. So, I need to get my calories up in order to be able to survive on my runs and in the gym! Must eat!


Jason The Running Man

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Heavy Legs

Run: 4.1 Miles
Time: 42:13
Pace: 10:18

I wish I could say my run this morning felt great but reality is... it stunk! That's to be expected after taking a week off.

I felt like I had 50 pound ankle weights on, couldn't find a rhythm, and felt like this was my first run ever! Having a run like that can really beat you up mentally but I will stay focused and get out there tomorrow morning and run again! On the positive side it was a beautiful morning for a run and was great watching the sun come up, very peaceful.

I am down a couple of pounds from yesterday and I have feeling the weight I gained will come off quickly, most just being water weight. Tomorrow morning will be another short easy run and tomorrow evening will be quads and calves! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! - Jason The Running Man