Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Moving Forward

Here is the rundown on my workouts from Sunday and Monday.

Sunday - First Brick
Bike: 7.5 Miles 31:19 (14.4mph)
Run: 1.3 miles 13:28 (10:22pace)

I decided to head down to Donaldson Center on Sunday afternoon to get my first brick workout out of the way. Packed up my gear and got over to Donaldson Center by 2pm. Jumped on the bike and went 7.5 miles. I wanted to average about 16mph but could only get to around 14. Partly because the wind was so terrible and it seemed to always be right in my face through the entire ride (worked the quads well). I came in at 31:19 and jumped off the bike threw it in the back of my Tahoe put on my hat drank some water and about 2 minutes later I was off and running. Boy howdy, let me tell how awkward that first 100 meters was:) it was interesting to say the least but as I was running my legs started to loosen up and feel better and by a half mile in my legs were fine and it seemed I adjusted. I came in and finished running only 1.3 miles in 13:28 (10:22 pace). Now, I wish I had run a little farther then I did but for my first brick I'm ok with running only the 1.3. No questions I was exhausted and next weekend I look forward to running 2 miles. I'm going to increase my running mileage just a little bit each weekend right up to the race.

Monday - 11:30 am
Run: 5.5 Miles
Time: 1:00:18
Pace: 10:52

Strength Training: Chest/Biceps/Core - 9:00pm
Bench Press - 4 x10
Incline Bench - 3 x10
Decline Bench - 3 x10
Dumbbell Flyes - 3 x10
Standing DB Curl - 3 x10
Standing Straight bar Curl - 3 x10
Hammer Curl - 3 x10
Weighted Crunches - 4 x15

First let me talk about my run yesterday. Again another struggling run. This time it just seemed I had everything going wrong. First, about a mile in I painfully realized I was wearing a cotton t-shirt...ouch...then no matter what direction I ran the wind just beat me into submission. At mile 3 I had to use the bathroom...badly...did I mention I had to use the bathroom....badly? What was I just saying about being mentally focused? Every ounce of it was tested on that 5.5 mile run. I've felt better coming off 10 mile runs then I did in yesterday's 5 mile run. I was so mentally screwed up I actually said to myself..."I'm not a runner who am I kidding"...wow talk about bad attitude...way to go professor positive!

Anyway, once I got home took shower I did feel better and I had to laugh. I know I'm going to have bad runs the difference is I know I'm going to get right back out there today and do it again. It may be bad it may be good but at least I'm out there giving it everything I got. I am focused and not even a poor run like yesterdays is going to stop me. In fact, when I got to the gym last night I took my running frustration out on the weights and had a fantastic workout. I was lifting like an angry man last night and it felt great to push and pull some weight! Have a great Tuesday and don't forget to workout! - Jason


Gotta Run said...

What is your main goal? I know you are doing bricks but I was not sure. You also have a marathon this year. Tap into that mental place that will tell you to push when you know you have more. Before you know it running will become your friend and you will learn to like it more and more.

David said...

I'm patiently waiting for brick workouts (bike/run) to not feel awkward, but nothing yet. Gotta do it to get better at it, though, so I continue.

Wes said...

"Only" running 1.2 miles for your first brick just shows that you are a smart endurance athlete. You will be banging out 3-5 mile brick runs in no time.

shliknik said...


Found you on Caleb's blog (which you found through Shane's blog!). I lived in KC w/ those guys for a year, but my wife and I now live in Greenville.

Do you do any trail running or only pavement? I'm strictly 'dirt only' and don't touch the asphalt stuff. If you ever wanna hit Paris Mtn (I run it 3-4 times/wk) just let me know).


Gabe said...

ok, I see what a brick workout is now. At first I thought you were actually carrying bricks!!

J~Mom said...

Great job on the brick! I am getting eager to try a few myself! Ugh about the run, I hate days like that but you are right that you will only come out again and stronger next time. Every time I have a bad run like that I feel so much better the next time!

Randy said...

Ok, I have to ask what is considered a brick?

David said...

Randy, it's basicly a multi-discipline workout. You could do a swim/run, swim/bike, bike/run, or the reverse of any of those. For triathlon or duathlon training, it's important to practice the transition repeatedly, and it also gives an awesome workout to runners looking for a new dimension in their training, as it works differing muscle groups througout. Hope that helps!

Laurel said...

"I'm not a runner who am I kidding"

Unfortunately I think I say that to myself about 50 times during every run. It is a constant battle within.

Lucky for me the "You're a Rockstar and are completely healthy and able to do this" usually drowns it out.

No matter what, you keep getting out there. You really are inspiring with all you have achieved!

Darrell said...

What d'ya mean "I'm not a runner'? You ARE Jason the Running Man. Don't let a bad run or even a couple of bad runs get you down.

And, nice job with the brick.

MaryGinder said...

Those bricks are enlightening, aren't they? But they do pay off on race day.