Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunny Sunday...

6 minute Recumbent Bike

45 Minute Ellitpical
3.1 Miles

The workout went well but the problems started when I got back to the house. I started feeling very faint, weak, and just very uneasy. My blood sugar was way too low. I popped a handful of jelly beans and made a ham and tomato sandwich and after about 30 minutes I was feeling much better. I never had a problem with this in the past but I need to keep an eye on it, crazy. So, I'm feeling better now and will make some adjustments to my diet this week and add some complex carbs back in to my diet. Time for more veggies and whole grains.

After the workout I hung around the pool with Gracie and Ashli for about 30 minutes so maybe the direct sun and pool, workouts, and lack of calories didn't help. Anyway, we had fun goofing around. I'm just trying to relax at this point and enjoy the evening. I have to be at work earlier than normal tomorrow for conference call with our APAC region, should be fun.

Have a great Sunday night.

"Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will say more necessary because health is worth more than learning." Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ahh the weekend...

The weekend is here and so far it's been kind of crazy but overall going well. I finally got to the gym this afternoon and got in a decent cardio workout.

50 Minute Elliptical
3.6 Miles

My nutrition has been spot on today and this morning I'm 16 pounds lighter than last Sunday! I actually hope the weight loss will slow a bit or I'm going to have to make some changes to the diet, don't need to lose to fast. I've past up so much garbage food this week its nuts, I'm dialed in and this weight is coming off. I've also limited my caffeine this week to one can of diet cherry Pepsi a day and I've been completely off coffee for about a month now, that's a win in and of itself!

I wanted to maybe hit the road for some short runs this weekend but I think I'm going to stick to the elliptical for another week. I do need to get signed up with a decent gym here in Alabama because the apartment fitness room is a mess with a bunch of broken equipment which is really frustrating. I'll be heading down to Ft Lauderdale for 5 days in a few weeks but the hotel has a great little fitness area that I will be hitting everyday. With all the food temptation it's going to be a challenge to stay on track but I'm betting I will come out on top and stay the course.

Have a great rest of the weekend....

Success seems to be connected with action. Sucessful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don't quit. - Conrad Hilton

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Good Start...

Yesterday was a good day. In just four days I've lost 12 pounds and I'm happy to say they're gone forever. Still have a long way to go and the weight loss is going to slow which is just fine by me, don't want to lose too fast.

Went out to eat last night with my ladies and kept the food choices fairly clean. I had steak, grilled chicken, and steamed broccoli. It's amazing in just four days how much better I feel just from a cleaner diet, good nutrition can change your life. After dinner I was going to hit the elliptical for some cardio but decided to chill with my ladies instead. I will get my cardio completed this evening, probably 45 min or so. With the addition of cardio that will help stimulate further weight loss. Hopefully by next week I will be a member of a much better fitness center with access to good strength equipment. Strength training is going to be a very important piece in my journey back to being fit. I have several workouts that I do from full body to 3 and 4 day split routines, just need to dig them out.

Well, back to the grind, lots to do today and little time to do it.

"There is one grand lie - that we are limited. The only limits we have are the limits we believe." Dr. Wayne Dyer

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dialed Back In...

Welcome to July! Had a good week and a few days off, Gracie and I had fun while my better half was rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite for a week! We shared time between Greenville and Huntsville.

So my nutrition is finally in check and the weight is starting to come off. The workouts really have not started as of yet. The apartment complex here in Huntsville has a small workout room that does have a few ellipticals but is really lacking in the strength equipment department. I'm going to hit those ellipticals this week and search out a good fitness center. I would like to find one that has a decent indoor pool and strength area. I think I've found a good one but I'm going to spend this week just making sure there isn't anything closer. I'm going to hold off on the running until I'm down about 25 to 30 pounds. Just need to save my knees and ankles as much as I can, no need to pound on them if I don't have to. I need to remind myself that the goal is just weight loss at this point.

As far as nutrition goes I've cut all simple carbs out of my diet and in fact most complex carbs as well. My meals consist of meats, cheeses, and veggies and will for the next few months. My body responds very well to this kind of nutritional approach.

Well, back to work, lots to do and stay tuned for some workout reports, the running man is dialed back in!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson