Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week In Review...

Bike 1:55:00
32.1 Miles

Elliptical 9:33
1 Mile
Bike 69 Min
20.2 Miles


Bike 41 Min
10.4 Miles
Elliptical 41 min
3.7 Miles

Elliptical 21 min
2 Miles
Bike 65 Min
17.5 Miles

No strength training this week but will pick back after I get back from PA. I did get two decent grip training sessions in this week as well. I'm now able to close the #2 (195lb) Captains of Crush gripper.

Today I will get some mileage in on the stationary bike and a short elliptical session. Tomorrow morning early I leave for PA to my grandfathers funeral. I should be back by Tuesday evening and I'm going to hit the workouts head on.

It's going to be a difficult day emotionally on Monday but also a time to celebrates his long wonderful life, wow, 94 years. What an amazing man he was. My grandfather loved to eat ice cream, he would eat it right out of the carton. He also loved to drink coffee, nothing better to him then I nice hot cup of coffee, well, except maybe that ice cream!:) He will be missed very much. We love you Poppop!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everett Chantelau...

At 5am this morning my grandfather passed away. I'm having a hard time with this but I celebrate his life and that he is now back with my grandmother who passed away back in 2001.

What an amazing man.

Poppop, I am so proud to be your grandson and only hope to model my values and beliefs after yours. You have taught me so many things about life and faith and I will cherish them always. I will miss your smile, I will miss your laugh, I will miss your stories,....I love you.
Everett A. Chantelau
June 28, 1914 - October 23, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Progress, Progress!

My workouts have been very consistent so far this month. My running is still limited because of this stubborn heel problem but it is getting better. I've been really hitting the weights hard and I'm seeing some good progress. I do have some good goals to hit before the end of this year and here they are...

Weight Loss - 30pounds
Running - Run a 5k and a 10k race
Grip Training - close the #2 & #2.5
Bench Press - 245

The 30 pound weight loss is a bit aggressive but we'll see how it shakes out. Hopefully my heel will hold up and the doc doesn't tell me something I don't want to hear. I did have a great lifting session this afternoon...

Bench Press
185x10 PR

Weighted Crunches (Machine)


Hammer Curls
30's x 10
35's x 10
45's x 10
50's x 10

Plate Pinching
Right - Two 10's x 10, Two 10's and a 5 plate x 10
Left - Two 10's x 10, Two 10's and a 5 plate x 10

Seated Bicep Curl
25 x 10
35 x 10
45 x 10
55 x 10

Incline Press Machine
98 x 10
118 x 10
148 x 10
188 x 8

Moving closer to my goal of benching 245 before the end of the year. I need to do a one rep max to see where I'm at. I think I'm probably at 225-230 right now, so 20 more pounds in two and half months. The consistent grip training has been a huge help to me in the gym. I'm now crushing just under 200 pounds with the right hand and about 175 or so with the left. I did get 3 new grippers for my birthday and one of those was the #2.5 from Captains of Crush a 240 pound gripper. All I have to say is wow what a nasty little gripper and it feels alot harder then 240 pounds. I've also added some plate pinching to my workouts, all you do is just grab a couple of plates, flip them around so the smooth side is out, here is a good example of plate pinching.

I'm also going to incorporate some blob training. Here is an example of blob training...

Blob and plate pinching are tools that will help forearm and hand strength and get me to my ultimate goal of closing the #3 Captains of Crush gripper and certifying.

***********Non-fitness realted news************
My grandfather is now being moved from the hospital back to his nursing home where he will get hospice care just to make him comfortable. He can no longer swallow anything and does not want any tubes with any kind of nutrition period. So now its just a matter of time, a matter that only God is in control of.

" Beware of six enemies of progress- sleep, torpor, fear, mourn, laziness and procrastination. If you win over them, you will be the king of your own wishes."