Monday, September 29, 2008

Building Strength...

Today has been an ok day. On the fitness front I finally got over to the gym around 3pm for my Chest/Biceps/Core workout.



Weighted Crunches

Hammer Curls
30's x 10
40's x 10
45's x 10
50's x 10

Straightbar Curls

I wanted to do more exercises both for the chest and biceps but felt like this was a good start to the change in routine. I was doing a three day full body but starting this week I'm back to a 4 day split routine.

Monday - Chest/Biceps
Tuesday - Quads/Calves
Wednesday - Shoulders/Triceps
Thursday - Back/Hamstring

I will work my core every other day and change up the exercises frequently. I love split programs far better then full body routines and I'm glad to finally be back to my 4 day split. Today's workout felt great and I'm looking forward to my Quads/Calves workout tomorrow, I love the pump I get from my quads. My diet has been spot on all day with the total calories coming in just above 2200. Diet is the thing I struggle with most of the time, I have an addiction to food. It is a daily battle for me to stay away from the junk food. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose those battles but I fight hard to stay on track every day. I'm trying to keep my calories right around 2000-2300 a day and so far so good over the last couple of days.

I've been working hard at this self employed thing. Running your own business is a very challenging process but also a very rewarding one. I've already had my ups and downs over the last few months but overall not bad. Hopefully I can continue the growth in an upward fashion over the next couple of months, so far its looking pretty good. All I can do is work really hard, and give it all I got and let the chips fall where they may.

Tomorrow will bring early morning fasted cardio and my quads and calves workout tomorrow afternoon. Have a great Tuesday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Missing In Blogland...

Wow, it has been a while since I updated here. Things are going well on the fitness front. I've been hitting the weights pretty hard over the last few weeks and have been back and forth running and elliptical training. I've had some problems with my left heel and have been trying to keep the runs limited until it gets back to 100%.

This week I'm going to switch my strength training up a little bit from a 3 day full body to a 4 day split routine. I'm still trying to tweak it a little bit but it will be very similar to the 4 day split I did last summer. My grip training is going really well and I turned a corner with the Captain's of Crush #1 gripper.

CoC #1 (140lb)
Right - 10,8,7,5,4,4,2 (40)
Left - 8,6,5,4,2,2,1 (28)

CoC Trainer (100lb)
Right - 20
Left - 15

Looking forward to getting the #1.5 and the #2 (195). The #2 shows exceptional hand strength if you can crush that one and that is my goal before the end of the year. If I can get that done then in January I start to train solely to crush the #3 and certify.

In non-fitness news my 94 year old grandfather (Poppop) was found slumped over in his room at his nursing home late last week and was taken to the hospital. His kidneys are failing and he also had some infection and fluid in his lungs. Although I've not had the opportunity to spend much time over the last several years with him being so far away he has never strayed very far from my thoughts.

My Poppop is a very special person to me and an amazing man.

Poppop, I am so proud to be your grandson and only hope to model my values and beliefs after yours. You have taught me so many things about life and faith and I will cherish them always. I will miss your smile, I will miss your laugh, I will miss your stories,....I love you.

Jason The Running Man