Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back To Work...

HEY YA'LL....IM.....B A C K!!!!

Today's workouts...

55 Minute Elliptical
4 Miles

20 Second Break

20 Minute Stationary Bike
5.4 Miles

I also did a little dumbbell work with a few sets of hammer curls and front raises. The Running Man is back. Workouts started 24 days ago with the goal of building massive strength and endurance. Running on the street will not begin for another month or so. I need to get some of this excess weight off before pounding my joints.

Here is my routine:

Strength Training
3 Day a week - Full Body Routine

Fasted 5AM Elliptical 5 days Mon-Fri
Sat or Sun - Elliptical/Bike Long cardio session

45 Min after fasted cardio - Protein+Fat meal
2 Hours after cardio - Carb+Fat meal
30 Min before lifting - Carb meal
30 Min after lifting - Carb meal

Cardio&Lifting Days - 2700 Calories
Cardio Days - 2100 Calories
REST Day - 1800 Calories

That's my program for the rest of this year. It's time to go to work! Total body transformation on the way boys and girls!

Later - Jason

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacation from Fitness....OVER

Workouts have started! Check back for an update soon!