Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Good Start...

Yesterday was a good day. In just four days I've lost 12 pounds and I'm happy to say they're gone forever. Still have a long way to go and the weight loss is going to slow which is just fine by me, don't want to lose too fast.

Went out to eat last night with my ladies and kept the food choices fairly clean. I had steak, grilled chicken, and steamed broccoli. It's amazing in just four days how much better I feel just from a cleaner diet, good nutrition can change your life. After dinner I was going to hit the elliptical for some cardio but decided to chill with my ladies instead. I will get my cardio completed this evening, probably 45 min or so. With the addition of cardio that will help stimulate further weight loss. Hopefully by next week I will be a member of a much better fitness center with access to good strength equipment. Strength training is going to be a very important piece in my journey back to being fit. I have several workouts that I do from full body to 3 and 4 day split routines, just need to dig them out.

Well, back to the grind, lots to do today and little time to do it.

"There is one grand lie - that we are limited. The only limits we have are the limits we believe." Dr. Wayne Dyer

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