Saturday, May 5, 2007

Building Strength...Staying Focused!

My plan for Saturday was to do my first "brick" workout but it rained all day today so I decided to hit the weights instead since it looks like it will clear up by tomorrow afternoon.

Here's my workout from Friday evening.

Leg Press 4 x10
Leg Press Calf Raises 4 x15
Standing Calf Raises 4 x15
Seated Leg Press 4 x10
Leg Curl 4 x10
Weighted Crunches 4 x15

Saturday's workout...
Tricep Pushdown 3x10
Assisted Tricep Dips 3x6 (these hurt)
Lying Tricep Extension 3x10
Dumbbell Tricep Extension 3x10
Shoulder Press 4x10
Dumbbell Front Raise 3x10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3x10
Barbell Bent Over Row 3x10
Seated Cable Row 3x10
Front Lat Pulldown 3x10
Dumbbell Shrugs 3x10
Weighted Crunches 4x15

My cold has gotten much better and I can finally breath better. I am still a little congested but it seems to be on its way out (knock on wood). So, hopefully tomorrow afternoon I will get some seat time on the bike and then jump into a short run for my first brick workout. I did do a short brick workout last summer and I do mean short (not fun then but I was 65 pounds heavier!) Only a few more weekends left before my Duathlon and then on to marathon training.

I have to say even fighting a cold I feel like I have never been this focused. My diet is really getting dialed in and my training for me is right on target. More importantly I feel mentally focused and ready to push my training to the next level. Here I come you big bad 26.2...the running man is coming...were getting close to meeting face to face and I will be ready. Where's that rocky song when you need it?:) Anyway, I'm getting fired up and having a blast. Keep running! - Jason


Gotta Run said...

That's right... come on over to the dark side of running. Just kidding. Mental focus is the key to making your trainng work. Looking forward to seeing your miles add up.

MaryGinder said...

That post just made me smile - really big.
It is Mary Christine and I have a new blog

robtherunner said...

Sounds like you will be ready for the marathon training. I used to lift a lot before I started running full time. My size remained, but the strength has gone. Don't give up the weights.

Gripperm said...

Good old "brick" workouts...

J~Mom said...

Glad you are feeling better!! Excellent focus! Keep it up!

Wes said...

I highly recommend as many bricks as you can stand. Start out easy and wait till you feel your running legs coming back! You're training is entirely awesome, and there isn't any endurance event you can't handle! Rock on!!

Gabe said...

yep I am down to 1 or 2 days of weights, but I will never stop lifting. Gotta keep your overall strength up.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm with you on the tricep dips. I always feel like my shoulders are going to go shooting past my head and I'm going to land on my butt. Great job with the strength training!

Mike said...

..the running man is coming...

I like your attitude bro- keep it rolling!

sunshine said...

Isn't it such a wonderful feeling when you finish a tough workout and feel great! Everything just seems to click.

Good luck on the brick workout... I'm thinking about a tri so I'm anxious to hear how it goes.