Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Late Gym Night

Didn't get over to the gym until 9:15 last night. It was actually kind of nice because I had the gym to myself or at least the free weight area anyway. Did my Monday routine...

Monday - Chest/Biceps/Core
Bench Press - 4 x10
Incline Bench - 3 x10
Decline Bench - 3 x10
Dumbbell Flyes - 3 x10
Standing DB Curl - 3 x10
Standing Straight bar Curl - 3 x10
Hammer Curl - 3 x10
Weighted Crunches - 4 x10

I didn't go up in weight on any exercise but the weight used was much easier to lift and I am defiantly feeling stronger. My diet last night was another story....boy did I have a cheat meal last night...:) French fries, onion rings, Cheetos, chocolate pudding, and a few cookies. Wow, what a disaster. I did great all day but got home and it was like let me eat everything in site. No biggie and not much damage on the scale. One cheat meal will not ruin the last 6 months of hard work. Today was back to eating better and I do feel much better for it.

Have a great Tuesday night! - Jason


Gotta Run said...

Bad meals or even evenings will happen. Don't sweat it too much. Now if one meal turned into several then you made need to shock your body back into healthy eating again.

Junk in is junk out but sometimes you just have to give in.

MaryGinder said...

I am salivating after reading about your disasterous meal. Sounds good to me!

Wes said...

Everyone needs a cheat meal every once in a while. It's like going on vacation, a reward if you will for a new life of extraordinary hard work and dedication. Look back and smile. You'll deserve another one soon :-)

Michelle said...

You're right, Jason. One "cheat" meal will not hurt any of the hard work you've already accomplished. Some experts actually say having a meal like that once in a while is a good thing because you then don't feel deprived of foods you yearn for.

Good job on the weights!

J~Mom said...

A cheat now and then is actually good to keep you on plan. When I did weight watchers a long time ago I went so long without cheating that when I finally did cheat I never stopped. :<( Now I let myself indulge every week or so in some sort of treat.

Marcy said...

Wow, 9:15!! That's a late night!! What time did you get done?

A cheat every now and then never hurt anyone ;) Can't deprive yourself all the time, right?

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Hey man, thanks for posting on my blog. I was checking out your posts. Congrats on your weight loss. I have a lot of admiration for people who really get serious about being healthy and stick with it. I love food, so I know it must be tough to lose that much weight. Good luck in your Duathlon and keep on rollin.

scott keeps running said...

looks like you've had some great workouts. and onion rings are like little rings of energy, right? at least that's my excuse. an onion ring = more motivation to run. :)