Monday, May 21, 2007

Two a Day Sunday...

Bike: 22.2 Miles
Time: 1:34:27
Avg. Speed: 14.1mph
Run: 3.1 Miles
Time: 28:46
Pace: 9:17
Yesterday I decided to go back out to Donaldson to do another ride. This time I wanted to do the full distance of my duathlon coming up in less then 2 weeks. Didn't get out there until about 11:30 but was able to do 22.2 miles. The ride was really uneventful and most of all I just enjoyed being out and riding. The weather was again just beautiful with the temp hitting about 78 degrees. Very fun ride and I look forward to longer distances.
Got home and enjoyed some time again playing outside with my wife and daughter. I decided around 7:30 last night to go ahead and run after my daughter went down for bed. Around 8:30 I took off with the goal of 3.1 miles. About a mile in I looked down at my Garmin and saw I was running an 8:30 pace, ouch, it didn't seem I was going that fast. I decided to slow up the pace and was surprised to feel that a 9:20 pace felt ok. I finished the 3.1 strong and felt great again after the run. For me to hold a 9:17 pace for 3.1 miles on a route that has some tough hills is just an incredible feeling. Back in October I was struggling to hold a 12 min pace and a lot of my runs were in the 13 minute range. Very pleased with were I'm at right now and what a great run last night.
It's been a good month of May so far. Here are my totals for the month.
Bike: 58.3 Miles
Run: 32.2 Miles
Strength: 12 workouts
Again, just wish my running miles were a little higher but I can't complain. Last week I ran 11.2 miles and this week I ran 12.5. Tonight is my Chest/Bicep/core workout and I'm looking forward to hitting the weights. Hope everyone has a great Monday. - Jason


Gotta Run said...

Great distance on the bike and pace on your run. Keep focused on your week to week goals and you will see the miles start to add up.

You will love the dual!!

Gotta Run said...

Great distance on the bike and pace on your run. Keep focused on your week to week goals and you will see the miles start to add up.

You will love the dual!!

Wes said...

I wouldn't worry much about the running mileage. My legs feel so much stronger now that I have been biking. If you are thinking about tri-ing, then mix some swimming in there and see what that does ot your aerobic capacity. Great week, Jason!!

J~Mom said...

Holy cow, that is one long bike ride!! AWESOME job!!! I agree with Wes not to worry about the running miles with all that biking! They both serve each other well!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the run and the brick workout.

I wouldn't worry about your run mileage if you are cycling and weight training as well. Those will take the place of any "junk mileage" and leave you much fresher on your runs so you get better quality. I have found that triathlon training reduced me down to 3 runs a week, but they are all high-quality runs. The result...I'm actually a faster runner with that training than I ever was running 6 days a week.

Keep it up. It sounds like you are really ready for the duathlon.

Gripperm said...

Great stats so far for the month on May, keep at it, we are here for you.

Mendy said...

I agree with Chad about the junk runs. I'm trying to make all my (3) runs a week count, whether it be a long run, speed work, or tempo. That being said, there are times an easy run may fit into a schedule, like after an injury, or a recovery. Other than that, it's quality not so much quantity that's important.

Good job on the brick!

Mir said...

Congrats on the great ride! I am very excited to hear how the duathlon goes.

Linda said...

You are awesome. I am an old mom who just did the Indy Mini for the first time. You are inspiring.

David said...

The brick training will pay off big time! Next, crank up the intensity of the ride (not the distance) to simulate the fatigue of the first run and bike, as well as the race-day excitement.