Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Heavy Legs

Run: 4.1 Miles
Time: 42:13
Pace: 10:18

I wish I could say my run this morning felt great but reality is... it stunk! That's to be expected after taking a week off.

I felt like I had 50 pound ankle weights on, couldn't find a rhythm, and felt like this was my first run ever! Having a run like that can really beat you up mentally but I will stay focused and get out there tomorrow morning and run again! On the positive side it was a beautiful morning for a run and was great watching the sun come up, very peaceful.

I am down a couple of pounds from yesterday and I have feeling the weight I gained will come off quickly, most just being water weight. Tomorrow morning will be another short easy run and tomorrow evening will be quads and calves! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! - Jason The Running Man


Gotta Run said...

Glad to hear that you are running and adding plenty of them to your training week. I often read more about your weight training and have a fear that it adds to a heaviness when you run.

Keep pushing through even the bad runs and you will continue to improve. Marathon here you come!

miss petite america said...

way to push through a "bad" run.

although i usually feel stronger after a bad run than a good run. but that's not til AFTER it's done :)

Gretchen said...

Hey Jason, thanks for stopping by my blog! Those "bad run" days make it hard to motivate...good job on staying out there. These days always seem to come in cycles for me, and it just means continuing to get out there when I sometimes don't feel like it.
I look forward to reading about your running journey!

runliarun said...

Thanks for stopping by - again. We all have bad runs from time to time. But as you mentioned in your comment, it's mind over matter. The body is sometimes slow to follow. I can only hope this Saturday, when I run my first marathon, it will follow. I am going to reverse the statement of the Prophet and say: the flesh might be weak, but the spirit is willing.

As to weight loss, I picked up running for the sheer purpose of running a marathon. No health considerations or weight loss involved. But like every woman, I hoped weight loss would be a by-product. It wasn't. Running way over 1000 miles over a year or so produced a slight shrinkage in inches, but not in weight. I am dissappointed, but not dismayed. I always believed in a hearty appetite - sampling the fruit of this earth - and we have to make our choices carefully.

We have to balance: everything. This is the task the gods have laid upon us.

Laurel said...

Ugh...I hate heavy legs! Nothing is worse than feeling like you're running with an elephant grabbing on to your ankles.

We all go through it. Good job finishing the run and noticing the positive in it.

getwell said...

Any run is a good run. Kudos to you for getting through it. This past winter and spring, I've only been biking due to my foot problem (BTW, thanks for asking), so running was definitely out. Better than nothing, I guess. We'll see about getting better for 10k's and tri's this summer. Wish me well and best wishes to you for your race season!

Gripperm said...

At least you got that first run out of the way