Thursday, May 31, 2007

Race Day Is Closing In...

Race day is fast approaching. The last two days have been all about strength training. Tonight I will do a very short easy jog to finish up my last workout before Saturday's fun.
Here is a few details about my race. The race is in Elberton, GA and part of the Tri The Parks Triathlon Series called the Richard B. Russell Triathlon/Duathlon. This is an intermediate distance event.
Run: 5k (3.1 Miles)
Bike: 22 Mile
Run: 10k (6.2 Miles)
Here are the times I'm shooting for on Saturday.
Run: Sub 30 min.
Bike: 1:35:00
Run: 1:10:00
Total: 3:14:00 estimation
The plan is to leave tomorrow around lunch time and head down to Elberton which is about an hour and 45 min drive. First step is to check into the hotel room and get settled in. Second step is to go out to the race site and pick up my packet. Third step is on the way back to the hotel drive the bike course and just get a feel for it. I've been studying the course with maps and I'm looking forward to driving it tomorrow. The bike course is an out and back course. The run course was described as mostly flat and fast. Its a 5k course so the last leg will be a two lapper! I'm hoping that it is flat and fast!:)
Race starts at 7:30am Saturday morning. One of the reasons we decided to get a hotel room is because of the early start. Plus it makes it kind of a fun weekend trip. This race for me is about one thing...having fun! It will be a challenge but I will survive and finish this race. I really am excited and do not feel any pre race nerves yet. Yes, I did say yet because probably by tomorrow night I will be feeling those butterflies. When I cross that finish line Saturday I'm sure I will be feeling all kinds of emotion as I think back to what my lifestyle was just a couple of years ago where exercise was defined by the amount of times I would get off the sofa to get food out of the fridge. Now things are quite different! I feel I'm ready to leap the hurdles that may come my way on Saturday. Training is done and I am ready. Bring it on! - Jason


Michelle said...

Ooooh, how exciting!

You will knock it out of the park, Jason! I am cheering you on!!!

Gotta Run said...

Have a wonderful time. Take in everything and leave nothing behind.

You will have fun and be hooked to even more than you already are. Once it is in your blood you will not be able to help yourself.

Wes said...

Oh yea! You are going to do more than "survive" my friend! You are going to leave all kinds of damage on that race course as you tear the sucker up :-)

"Smash" said...

Good luck!

sunshine said...

Good luck and kick butt!!!

You're going to have a great time and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it.

David said...

Have fun, don't hold back, and as Robin said: Take it all in! Don't let it blur by.

streak said...

Good luck and enjoy every second of it. I know you will do great and can't wait to hear about the whole adventure. Stay positive, stay relaxed, and rock the course.

Mendy said...

Good luck tomorrow and have fun. Don't worry so much about time, it's your first one, just have fun with it! Enjoy the atmosphere. You'll be better off not putting pressure on yourself, and you'll take it all in!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Race day!! WoooHooo!!! Remember to have fun. :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good luck, buddy! You'll do great. You put in the training and now the race is your reward to yourself.

...and yes, you really have come a long way. Great job!