Thursday, April 19, 2007

Zero Carb: Day Two

So far day two is going as planned. My energy levels are much improved from yesterday and I'm down another two pounds. Tonight I will be headed to the gym for some cross training on the elliptical and tomorrow will be my rest day. Not sure yet how long I will spend on the elliptical as I will just play it by ear. My usual elliptical workouts went 65 minutes but I think tonight may just be half that, will see.

I have my Friday menu all prepared and 75% of my calories will come from complex carbs. I'm very anxious to see how I feel come Saturday morning. I'm also very excited that my half is finally here and I'm looking forward to Saturday. I will update after my workout tonight.

Jason The Running Man


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Ummmm, carbs...

Neese said...

Jason, having met you it's really hard to imagine that you were over 300lbs. You are doing a great job because you seemed real fit to me and I know it can be hard work but you are doing a great job! And, a half marathon in 2 days!!I may take a drive out to Greer and hang out, my co-worker is helping with the kids race so I may help her. If so, i'll look for you. Best of luck, and congratulations on your new and healthy lifestyle