Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Month...

Monday Totals
Calories: 1452
Cardio: 40 Min Elliptical @ 3.15 Miles
Sleep: 4.5
Water: 128oz

March Totals
Starting Weight: 287
Ending Weight: 272.5

March Weight Loss: 14.5 pounds

March Weight Loss.

Number of Workouts: 21 
Previous Month: 17

March Exercise Minutes - 40 min. to 120 min.

As March comes to a close I can't be more pleased with my progress. With just over 14 pounds of weight loss and slightly increased activity from February I'm extremely happy. Now it's time to attack April! This tends to be a rough month for me as I fight the dreaded allergies, so far they haven't been terrible. 

April Starting Weight: 272.5

April Goals 
Weight Loss: 10 Pounds
Workouts: 25

My calories were a bit low yesterday and I had a awful time getting any sleep last night. First night in a while that I struggled so I guess I can't complain. Time for a new month new goals...time to move and time to lose. 

Have a great day.

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