Monday, March 31, 2014

Road Trip...

Sunday Totals
Calories: 1850
Cardio: 65 Min Elliptical @ 5.36 Miles
Sleep: 7.5 hours
Water: 96oz

Today's Weight: 275

I woke up Friday morning and started my normal routine but around 10am things changed. I got a call that a family member in South Carolina is having chest pains and shortness of breath and they're being rushed to the hospital. I packed up the family and we started our trek back to South Carolina. 

Fortunately about an hour into the trip we find out that it's not a heart attack and that they're continuing to run test. In the end they think it was a severe panic attack and this family member was resting at home by Friday evening. We decided to continue on and just spend the weekend there and I'm happy to report that my nutrition stayed in check. I'm just glad that they're OK and it wasn't worse than it was.

After the 6.5 hour ride back I decided to hit the gym and I had a great workout. With March coming to end today I will squeeze one more workout in this month and do my totals in my update tomorrow morning. 

Have a great day.

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