Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finding My Way...

Calories: 1390
Cardio: 40 Min Elliptical @ 2.89 Miles
Sleep: 7 hours 
Water: 134oz

Today's Weight: 275

Much better workout last night and the allergies have been somewhat contained so far and I hope it stays that way for the next month. My calories were way too low and after running my numbers manually using the Harris Benedict equation to calculate my BMI I have what I feel to be a more accurate number to reach each day. I intended to get in another 400 calories last night but I just wasn't hungry. 

As I continue to lose weight it's going to be very important that I fuel my body properly because I fully intend to increase my level of activity and I can't do that at 1400 calories a day, no way! At the very minimum I should be around 2200 but ideally with 5 days plus of cardio I should be right at 2700 for two pounds a week weight loss and that number will be adjusted as I continue to lose weight. My biggest problem is eating enough calories for my two early meals so that is going to change moving forward. 

Time to get some work done, have a great day!

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