Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday Totals
Calories: 1889 

Cardio: 45 Min Elliptical, 3.14 Miles

Grip Training: 
CoC Trainer-R/L 2x8 
CoC #1- R 2x5 L 2x3
CoC #2- R 1X2 L Half rep
CoC #2.5 R Half rep

Sleep: 6 Hours

Water: 96oz

Weight: 303.5

It was another late workout just after 9PM last night but it felt great especially since I wasn't feeling that great and now this morning I'm feeling horrible. I feel like I'm fixing to catch some kinda of bug. I hope it just passes as I can't afford to be down at all. No change on the scale this morning but that's fine I will have those days. 

Time to get back to work, have a great Friday!

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