Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rolling Along...

Wednesday Totals
Calories: 1828
Cardio: REST Day
Water: 96oz
Sleep: 7 hours - Yeah much better!
Weight: 301.5
Grip: Worked in multiple sets with the #1, #1.5 and a half close of the #2 and #2.5

Wednesday is my rest day from cardio and I enjoyed that time with my family. Got on the scale this morning and I'm down another pound and getting close to busting into the 2's so that's keeping me motivated. Also I'm starting to really clean up my diet and today will be a lot less sodium and a lot less sugar. I'm eating 6 meals a day and here is today's breakdown...

Breakfast Meal 1: 400 
Breakfast Meal 2: 158
Lunch Meal 3: 310
Afternoon Meal 4: 200
Dinner Meal 5: 570
Evening Meal 6: 240

I will probably work on spreading those out better as I move along but for now I'm not going to worry about that. Right now I'm working to just clean up what I'm eating. Tonight will also be more cardio. 

Have a great day...

"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself." Henry Ward Beecher

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