Friday, June 18, 2010

Out of Balance

Life has a way of really tossing you around. There's so much I would like to complain about but I need to avoid from doing so. In August of 2007 I was poised and half way through my marathon training and by October I had every excuse in the book to drop from my goal of running a marathon. Sure, I had plenty of reasons why I didn't run but it makes me sick to think about it. So, for the last 2 years I've been completely disconnected from a healthy lifestyle. Sure, I've had the occasional workout but everything else has just been out of whack.

So, I sit here today June 18, 2010 almost back exactly where I was in May of 2004 before my journey to fitness began. I've gained over 80 pounds and I feel every bit of it. I'm tired all of the time my body aches and I just feel generally like crap. Amazing what lack of healthy foods, sleep, and exercise can do over a 2 year period. So what is it going to take to fix? What is it that is going to motivate me to get back in the game?

What in the world am I going to do?


Scott Keeps Running said...

You've already proven you know what it takes. And you've already proven you have the will to conquer it. And you've already proven that it's possible.

If you want to do it again you no doubt will. And you know you have a bunch of supporters. :)

Anonymous said...

So easy to do when you are away from family and friends. The checks and balances aren't there when you need them the most, so your old friend depression sneaks in and off you both go down the fastfood hiway.....put another quarter in the 'binge' cycle.

I remember the 'super-sized' Jason and the amazing transformation you went through to get to that marathon runner's weight and stamina. You told me the hardest part was in your head. (obvious pun) You looked 10 years younger and your attitude was golden.

So it is psychological warfare that you must declare on yourself to get your motivation back, to get your self-respect back.

Who's words give you the most inspiration? Who can help you to make the hard choices? Who can get you to go to the salad bar instead of all-you-can-eat pizza? Take their pictures and their support notes and put them on the doors of the places you are the weakest.

You know what it takes, yes, you just forgot how to start,

>>>> just start <<<<<<.

FORGET that you are starting again and just accept that you are starting. Put all the guilt in a box and chuck it out the window and move forward. That crap is an anchor and does nothing for you.

You probably still have your spreadsheet. Well start a NEW one, set a REAL goal, make an HONEST effort.

It does not have to be much, it just has to be done and only you can do it.

(Don't make me send Jillian Michaels down there to get medi-evil on your buttocks!)

You are not isolated, there is this wonderful new device called a phone that allows you to talk to friends and family when you really need it.

You have my number, I may even answer. - JS