Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun Weekend...

Day 44

Training Day Off

We are heading to my sister's in VA in a couple of hours for a fun weekend. She turned 40 a couple of weeks ago so we are going to celebrate! Should be a fun time with my whole family.

Day 43 (Thursday)

38 Minute Stationary Bike
10 Miles

Hammer Curls 4x10
DB Front Raise 4x10
DB Incline Press 3x8
LatPulldown 3x10
Shoulder Press 3x8
Bench Press 3x8

It's only about a 3.5 to 4 hour drive but we are taking Rosie with us so there may be a few more stops then normal. Should be an interesting trip but I'm hoping Rosie will spend a good portion sleeping and chewing on the new bone toy we got her!:) She does pretty well in the car and has been in the car at least once a week since she was 6 weeks old. She gets very excited when we put her harness on her cause she knows its car ride time.

Have a great Friday!

"Sometimes in life there are challenges but we must stay positive and never ever give up!" Jason Chantelau

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Makita said...

We are heading out of town as well (DHs high school reunion). I'm taking today off as well. Have fun! :D