Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better Day...

Day 42

65 Minute Elliptical
5.1 Miles

Grip Training - CoC Trainer
3x10 Right
3x10 Left
3X8 Right
3x8 Left

Ashli and Gracie went down to the gym with me today and Gracie played with her cousin Morgan in the kids area. Ashli did 1.5 miles on the treadmill and 2 miles on the recumbent bike. I then should Pam and Ashli most of the strength equipment and how to do each movement. They did really well and I hope they continue with the strength training.

This Friday we are headed to my sister's house in VA for a long weekend. She turned 40 at the beginning of this month and my entire family is meeting at her house to celebrate the big event. I remember when my Dad turned 40 because he was a minister of music at a church in Richmond, VA and the choir members and some of the church staff and friends put a huge sign in our front yard that said...Honk Dave turned 40 today! We lived on a semi busy street and all morning long the horns blew! Very funny. I promise Connie we won't do anything like that!:)

Have a great Thursday morning!

"The only real valuable thing is intuition." Albert Einstein

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Darrell said...

Oh, why not. The 40 year old sign is a tradition that must live on!