Friday, April 18, 2008

Still Sneezing....:)

So far this has been another week fighting allergies. I did find some meds that seem to take the edge off a little but still not sleeping well. The pollen is just so terrible here this year that even those that don't have allergies are having problems. Last night I was planning to cut the grass because my yard looks terrible but my mower blew up so I called my brother-in-law and he was nice enough to bring his lawn mower over and he even cut my grass for me, what a nice guy!

So I'm formulating a fitness plan for myself. Basically, I'm going to go back to my 3 day a week split strength training routine and slowly add consistent running for cardio. I really think the best time for me to run is going to be in the early morning hours which is going initially be very hard for me but I like the idea of getting my running done early. Strength training will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My gym is opening a new facility about 2 miles from my house with a pool so I plan on incorporating some swimming in to the program this year as well. My diet is very strict right now with my calories being a little on the low side so I'm working to get them back up where they need to be to consistently lose 2 pounds a week. I really would also like to find a new bike this year and get back to cycling for some good cross training. It's been a long while since I spent any time swimming so I plan to get some good lessons right away before even trying on my own, should be interesting.

I'm going to keep things very light for the next few months but plan to get back to the volume I was at right around this time last year. Gotta get myself back into shape as I've already wasted too much time this year.

Make it a great weekend.


Makita said...

I love swimming... I haven't been able to though in several months. Hopefully I'll be able to re-incorporate swims into my schedule this summer.

Sorry you are still sneezing. :(

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like a good plan and now you have the time to do it. Go for it!

If your brother-in-law is ever in Phoenix, I've got some grass he can cut, too. ;-)

Mary Gee said...

Plans sound good.