Thursday, May 1, 2008

Deep Sea & Doughnuts...

Man, it has been a while since I updated my blog. Things are going well just super busy with life! Still very inconsistent with my workouts but I'm not sweating it.

Tomorrow I have off from work and what fun it's going to be. First I'm going down to Gracie's school for Dads and Doughnuts, I will not be eating,:) but enjoying the time as a proud daddy. Then I have to run a few places and pack up for my deep sea fishing journey. My father-in-law and I are headed down to North Myrtle with 4 other friends for a weekend of fishing and fun. We are headed 50 plus miles out into the Atlantic Ocean to catch, hopefully, some Wahoo, Tuna, Grouper, King Mackerel, Sail Fish, and more. Saturday morning we will be at the docks around 4:15am, ouch!, that's early but will give us more time to fish. This will be an all day event and alot of fun.

I'm really excited to spend the morning with Gracie and her class it will be blast and she is really excited. This August she will be going to school full time so life is going to change come this fall, man they grow up so fast, geez! Tonight after work I got home and decided to wash the cars and Gracie helped wash the cars and tried to wash me in the process, not that I needed a good washing!:) We had a good time playing around while Ashli and Rosie played in the yard.

Rosie is about 15 weeks and is already approaching 30 pounds; she's becoming a big girl! All I can think about is she still has a year of solid growth in her, slow down on the growing girl, geez!:) Rosie and Gracie are best buds and having a blast together. Next weekend Rosie has her first personal puppy class with a good trainer in the area. This should be a fun time and hopefully we will be able to continue the classes. Rosie does really well now and can sit, come, lie down, and shake on command, pretty good for a 15 week old. She is completely pottie trained now and that we are thankful for. She does get a little excited sometimes and piddles a little in the house but that is very rare nowadays.

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Ashli is going on her third week of working and seems to really like the job. Come August she will be able to get many more hours in when Gracie goes to school full time. She is the marketing and office manager for a friend of ours who has her own real estate office. I used to work for her husband and we stayed friends even after I left that company. He now owns the learning center that I used to teach full time at and we just have stayed in touch over the past several years. Anyway Ashli has really just been trying to help get her organized in the office and manages her house showings and whatever else.

Well, I have some packing and stuff to do to get ready for tomorrow, and I need my beauty sleep so I must sign off. I will be taking lots of pictures and video of the trip. Have a great weekend! - Jason


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great to have that time with your daughter..and yes, they do grow up fast!

Have fun on the fishing trip.

streak said...

great times and good to hear things are going good. Early worm gets the fish! Please tell Larry and his wife I said hello.