Sunday, July 22, 2007

On track...

Run: 7 Miles
Time: 1:14:40
Pace: 10:40
I had a really busy weekend. I was able to finish redoing our deck and it turned out really nice. I also was able to get the yard back in order. I decided to pass on the strength training and give my back and shoulders the extra rest.
I just finished my long run of 7 miles and I feel like it went ok. I did struggle mentally early in the run. My legs and my conditioning really felt great but my mind wasn't in it. When I hit the 5th mile I picked up the pace a little bit and I started to reel myself back in to a better mood. I thought about my grandfather who just loves to walk and now because of his age, 93, he isn't able to get out much anymore so I run for him.
I can remember special times with him from when I was 5 years old. Even though I haven't been able to spend more then a couple of hours once a year over the last 4 or so years we seem to have a connection, something special. Even though if I walked into his room tomorrow he might not be able to remember my name right away, we have a connection. He always seems to come to my mind at some point during my runs.
Well, on to week three in my training and here is the rundown:
Mon: Strength
Tue: 3 Mile Easy + Strength
Wed: 4 Mile Easy + Strength
Thur: 3 Mile Tempo + Strength
Sat: Cross Training Probably a Bike ride
Sun: 5 Mile Long Run
Total Miles: 15
4 Strength Sessions
I may modify the strength training just depends on how my back and shoulder do. You can guarantee that they will be light strength workouts. Still at 197 in the weight department and my weight loss will probably start to slow. I am starting to add calories especially more carbs to my diet to help fuel my runs. I will still be in a calorie deficit and hope to average about two pounds a week. By the end of next month I should be in full maintenance mode with my weight. I will have to eat like a horse to maintain my weight but that will be the fun part! Hope everyone has a good Monday morning! - Jason


Wes said...

On track like an unstoppable locomotive :-) Nice run!! Never let your mind prevent you from completing a workout. That mental toughness will come in handy later.

Makita said...

Seems we both had loved ones on our mind during our runs yesterday. :)

Hey - how did you get the garmin graph into your blog post? I can't seem to copy the graph from the training center software...

Bobby Griffin said...

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lynchburgrunner said...

A lot of non-runners never understand me when I talk about how much of a mental game it is. Isn't it funny how sometimes you can go out and let your mind wonder free, while other times your mind can get you down when physically you feel OK? Keep up the great work. I'm enjoying reading your postings.

streak said...

Good work on the deck, which I don't think I ever saw the completed deck. Good job on the run. It will be tough but I know you can do it. Have a great week!

Marcy said...

ITA with Wes!! Now I just have to listen to that advice LOL

Neese said...

aw - i run for special people also.

scott keeps running said...

Doing great! And good to see that the back and shoulder seem to be holding up.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

I can only imagine how pleased your grandfather would feel to know that he is so much on your mind.