Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tired & Sluggish...

Today was really a long day. Last night my daughter Gracie decided she didn't want to go to bed and was just really giving us a hard time. By 2am she was finally asleep but I was wound up and couldn't fall a sleep until about 4am and was back up at 7am to head off to work. I was tired and sluggish all day and realized by 5pm I only had about 350 calories all day! OUCH! So, I called Ashli and met her and Gracie out at Ruby Tuesdays and I pigged out on their salad bar and a turkey burger! YUM! That will help fuel my run tonight!:)

So far this week I've only done one strength session and that was on Monday. I just want to make sure my shoulder is 100% before I hit the weights hard again. I'm actually bummed out because I really do enjoy lifting but I also don't want to be fighting this shoulder come November. This morning I weighed in at 197 so another pound down which brings my July weight loss to 7 pounds.

Here are my runs from last night and tonight:

Run: 3 Miles
Time: 30:51
Pace: 10:17

Run: 3 Miles
Time: 30:41
Pace: 10:14

Wednesday's run was great, very enjoyable run. Tonight's run was really no fun. I guess going on three hours sleep and my nutrition all screwed up played a big part in that. Just couldn't find a good pace and felt like I was all over the place. Although if you look at my times they are pretty consistent but tonight's run was no fun even if it was only three miles. Tomorrow was going to be a make up strength session but I may skip the strength workouts until next week just to give my shoulder the extra time. I've been wearing my weight belt on my runs to help support my back issue and that has helped out. Saturday will be my day of rest and Sunday brings a 7 mile long run.

Last night Ashli and I completed the application to enroll Gracie in to Southside Christian Schools K4 program this fall. Man, I can't believe how time flies. This was a very detailed application process which totaled about 12 pages of stuff to fill out, I'm surprised they didn't ask for a blood sample.:) This will be a part time K4 program three days a week from 8:30am to 12:30 pm. She will have a blast and she seems to be very positive about it. I'm glad that Ashli has been able to be a stay at home mom with her not that I'm against day cares because they provide a great service but it was just the right thing for us. I think Ashli is already talking about finishing school and getting back to work. Being a stay at home mom is a very hard job and Ashli has just done an amazing job with ya hon!

Well, tomorrow I'm taking a day off from work, nothing fun just going to get some things done around the house and hang out with my beautiful wife and daughter. Hope everyone has a great Friday! - Jason


Michelle said...

Oh, I'm sorry about Gracie not going to bed for you. I can TOTALLY relate!!!! Except for instead of refusing to go to bed, Kara decided to get up really early today (like before 6 a.m.) and stay up. And she is not a morning person (takes after her momma, I guess).

Don't worry though. You'll get back on track! :-)

Darrell said...

Oh, the joys of being a parent - no sleep, school apps - all worth it in the long run.

Take care of the shoulder, heh.

Makita said...

With children, we've all been there, so we can certainly relate... doesn't make it any easier though. You'll be back on triack in no time. :)

Marcy said...

OMG don't you just love those nights? Blah. You poor things!!!

Wes said...

K4 programs are fantastic. We are fortunate that ours is sponsored by the Georgia Lottery and is five days a week :-)

Nice runs! Those nights with no sleep suck, but being fit makes them a LOT easier to manage :-)

lynchburgrunner said...

Just curious if you had a "weigh in" day. I did that when I first started losing weight and am doing that now. It keeps me from worrying day to day so much about where my weight is. In fact, I've switched mine to every other week so I'm not focusing on it so much. Keep up the great work!!

Bob Gentile said...

Enjoy ur day off with your beautiful bride and daughter!!

Mom tried decaf once said...

You didn't have to give blood for the application? LOL Getting my son into his preschool was a similar process. I was like why do they need to know what time he went to bed last week to get into preschool? ;>)

My kids were up super late last night due to a thunderstorm. I felt like we were playing rotating beds and no one got any sleep. We never have "weather" here so when it rains or thunders it freaks them out.

scott keeps running said...

Another pound bites the dust.

I hear you about those sluggish days - they're just no fun. Sometimes we have the same problem getting the dogs to go to sleep when they're all wound up...but then we just put them in the kennel. :)

Mary Christine said...

1. Sorry about the lack of sleep. I have been doing that too, but not for a good reason like you.
2. "pig out" on salad and turkey burger? hmmm.
3. I stayed home with my kids and I am so glad I did. Although I am paying for it now, retirement-wise.

Mike said...

Jason- your continued weight loss is very inspiring- keep it rolling!

Although, I don't understand how you made it till 5pm on 350 cals- YIKES!! Like Mary, I think it's funny how you "pigged out" on such healthy food! When I'm thinking pig out, I'm thinking pizza, fast food etc...I guess that's why you've been so successful in the weight loss dept though- nice!