Monday, June 4, 2007

Post Race Workouts & Monthly Totals

Sunday morning I got up and felt really good with little to no soreness. I decided about 1:30 to head to the gym to lift.

Sunday Strength
Bench Press 4x10 (added weight)
Incline Press 3x10 (added weight)
Decline Press 3x10 (added weight)
Hammer Curls 4x15
Standing Dumbbell Curls 4x10
Straightbar Curls 3x10
Flat Dumbbell Flyes 3x10 (added weight)
Seated Leg Press 3x10 (light weight)
Seated Leg Curl 3x10 (light weight)
Lat Pulldown 3x10 (added weight)
Weighted Crunches 4x15 (added weight)

When I got home the wife was not back from helping the mother-in-law so I decided to jump on the bike for a good ride.

Sunday Ride
Distance: 12 Miles
Time: 1:00:48
Pace: 12mph

I basically did hill repeats and then rotated and did several short sprints. I felt just fantastic afterward and enjoyed a great relaxing evening with the wife and the 4 year old monster!:)

Last night I had the chance to review my logs and take a look at my May totals and I was very pleased.

May Totals
Ran: 52 Miles
Biked: 85 Miles
Strength Trained: 4 per week average

Very happy to finally see consistent strength training for a solid month and it will continue. I'm still not seeing the scale weight move much still stuck around 210 but the inches are falling and I'm starting to see the benefits of my hard work in the gym. Very pleased with my bike mileage and that will continue as well this month. I still managed to get over 50 miles of running in and those were really quality miles for me. June will more then likely be a slightly higher number. Marathon training will start in about 5 weeks. Once I decide on a plan and tweak it for me I will share. Mendy was nice enough to share her plan and I may still take that and tweak it a little for me. There is only 23 weeks to go so it's fast approaching!

Today I got another good strength training session in at lunch this time with slightly lighter weight and very controlled movements. Tomorrow will be my first run since the race and I'm looking forward to hitting the pavement, it will be just a nice easy recovery run!

Hope everyone has a great Monday! - Jason


Marcy said...

You're doing awesome on the strength training. I really have to get with that and some core work *sigh* It's like torture to me LOL

Can't wait to hear about this marathon training!!

J~Mom said...

Great job on all of your miles and the core work!

Myles said...

Hey, great race the other day!

Got the multi-sport bug now huh? are you in trouble ;-)

Keep up the good work!

MaryGinder said...

You are inspiring.

Darrell said...

Nice use of the free time.

Enjoy the recovery run.

FreddyBeachPete said...

Loved the Memorial Day tribute you posted and congrats on the GREAT duathlon result. I hope to "try a tri" within the next year or so.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job, especially the strength training!!

Michelle said...

Your May totals look great, Jason!!

You're building muscle and that will weigh more than fat. So as long as the inches come off (and they are), you have nothing to worry about.

Keep it up!!

Gotta Run said...

Marathon training here you come. Those monthly totals are going to go up... up... up!!