Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Good Strength...Strong Run...

Run: 4 Miles
Time: 36:30
Pace: 9:08

Tonight was another good tempo run for me. My legs felt strong and rested. The bike riding and the strength training has been a big reason for my faster pace times and now I'm able to hold that pace beyond the 5k distance, very excited about that. I had to stop twice to cross the main road but beyond that every mile felt strong. I'm looking forward to running more this month then the last two months.

Today at lunch was another strength training session.

Bench Press 3x10 (added weight)
Incline Press 3x10 (added weight)
Standing Calf Raises 3x10
Front Lat Pulldown 3x10
Hammer Curls 3x15
Regular Curls 3x10
Straightbar Curls 3x10
Dumbbell Front Raise 3x10
Dumbbell Laterial Raise 3x10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x10
Weighted Crunches 4x15

It seems I'm starting to move away from the 4 day split and doing more of a 4 day full body! I need to get back in line with my 4 day split which will be on Friday but overall very pleased with my strength gains so far.

On another note I did finally decide on a new multi vitamin. It's actually a balanced vitamin, mineral, and herb nutritional system. It's called Nature's Code developed by Edward A. Taub, MD. I will be receiving a new supply every 90 days.

Here is the rundown on the male under 50 program. They have different packs for Women as well.

Calories 10
Carbohydrates 1
Vitamin A -- 2000IU
Vitamin C -- 1000mg
Vitamin D -- 400IU
Vitamin E -- 400IU
Thiamin -- 10mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) -- 10mg
Niacin -- 20mg
Vitamin B6 -- 20mg
Folate (Folic Acid) -- 600mcg
Vitamin B12 -- 200mcg
Biotin -- 30mcg
Pantothenic Acid -- 30mg
Calcium -- 800mg
Magnesium -- 400mg
Zinc -- 40mg
Selenium -- 200mcg
Chromium -- 100mcg
Coenzyme Q10 -- 50mg
Asian Ginseng (Root)
Standardized Extract -- 100mg
Lycopene -- 700mcg
Lutein -- 500mcg

Each daily packet contains the following:

2 Multi-Vitamin Tablets: Provide the essential vitamins and minerals to help meet your nutritional needs. The antioxidant Vitamin C is included as well as the B-Complex vitamins to help your body turn food into energy. The minerals in this formula are helpful for a healthy nervous system and a healthy heart. The tablets also contain Selenium. Selenium has been the subject of important recent research, indicating many promising health benefits. Ginseng is used to support the mind and body. Lutein and Lycopene are key nutrients. Lutein is for eye health and Lycopene for heart health.

1 Coenzyme Q10 Tablet: Q10 has been added because it is found in almost every cell in the body. It plays a vital role in the production of energy in cells and is a powerful antioxidant.

2 Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc Tablets:

Calcium - has been proven to help maintain good health by promoting strong bones and teeth. Along with exercise, calcium plays an important role in strengthening bone density. It also helps maintain a healthy heart.

Magnesium - is required by the body to turn blood sugar into energy. It supports the immune system and is important in maintaining proper nerve and muscle functions.

Zinc - is involved in metabolism and aids in proper growth.

1 Vitamin E Tablet: Required for the healthy formation of red blood cells and has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. Recent research strongly supports the antioxidant benefits of this essential vitamin. It also appears to support normal hormone function.

I found Nature's Code to be comparable to other Pharmaceutical grade multivitamin systems out there. One of the other good ones out there is the USANA HealthPak 100. I feel these type systems are far superior to the one a day mutli's you find in the grocery store. Just compare the labels.

One of the other supplements I started taking is for joint support.GLUCOSAMINE (500mg) CHONDROITIN (400mg) MSM JOINT (166mg)SOOTHER® Caps from Puritan's Pride. I feel this is going to be a must for me with my marathon training getting ready to start.

Anyway, I started Nature's Code yesterday so I thought I would share. - Jason


Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Thanks for the kind words. Keep up the hard work in your training.

Mike said...

Hey Jason,
Glad to see one of gets to enjoy running! Great progress on the pace there!

Also- nice consistency on the strength work. I've been hitting it twice a week but very minor compared to your sessions. Keep it rolling!

Mike said...

Darn- of course I scrolled down after I posted and saw you had a race report there. I'm a sucker for a good race report. Congrats man - Nice way to push it to the end!
Funny but you're just like me in a race..when someone blows by me, the first thing I do is look for their age on their calf!

Marcy said...

You're doing awesome on the running!!! Couple months and you'll be blowing by everyone!

Lesley said...

Just stumbled across your blog. fantastic job on the weight loss! Keep on keepin' on!

Lesley in NC

miss petite america said...

man whenever anyone mentions vitamins i get this icky guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach. because i know i should take them but i don't....

usana said...

hm..... For running a good strength is needed.

usana said...

wow how do you keep the motivation and mind set to do this...>??