Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ZERO Carb: Day 1

As I sit here and look at my food logs under the carbohydrate column reads a zero.

This morning I had scrambled eggs and this afternoon was grilled chicken. Tonight will be low fat ground turkey. I have to tell you that I am now feeling very tired. Low carb didn't effect my energy levels very much but zero carb I'm feeling right now. The tough part is keeping my calories up where they need to be. I do have a zero carb protein supplement that I will be drinking tonight which should get the calories up there.

This morning I was two pounds heavier then yesterday and I imagine that I will drop that and then some by tomorrow morning. I am planning on running just 3 miles tonight at a nice slow easy pace. I'm very curious how I will feel on this run with no carbs. Should be interesting. I'm getting very excited about Saturday's race and can't wait to get that distance behind me. I will report after my run tonight. Have a great Wednesday. - Jason The Running Man


the Beckster said...

YEAH!! We'll be root'n for you this Saturday! I'm motivated.

My update is slight, but not terrible. Since my first 5k in January, I've run one every month. Not bad! But my times aren't very consistent. I'm going to focus on training before Orlando's next running season starts in October or so.

Thanks for asking about me! It's really motivating to hear of all your accomplishments!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Wow, no carbs at all! I can't imagine. I am very interested to see how you do with this.

Mir said...

Good luck with your half mary!