Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Night Stroll

Run: 5.2 Miles
Time: 59:25
Pace: 11:26

April Totals
Running: 33.5
Biking: 0
Weight Loss: 10 Pounds

Last night I finally got out to run at about 8:45. This is the first run outdoors since my 12 mile run last Saturday. Much better then the treadmill as the miles always go by much faster running outside.

The first 3 miles went by quickly but right at the 3.2 mile mark I started getting a really bad side stitch and my pace slowed a bit. The pain only lasted for about a half mile thankfully. The last mile felt great and I was able to come in just under an hour. Last week seemed to be all tempo runs so it was nice to go out and enjoy a nice easy pace. The weather was just awesome last night. I would say the temp was in the 60's and not a cloud in the sky. All the stars were shining very bright last night. Probably one of the better runs I've had and it comes at a good time.

The weight is just falling off me right now as I've lost 10 pounds for the month already. Some of that is water weight so we will see where I finish for the month. Check out the satellite image from the run last night.

Also, for your enjoyment:) here are the pace and elevation graphs from last night.

Today is another low carb day and hopefully another good run tonight. Tomorrow is my first zero carb day and I'm already planning my meals. By tonight I will have my meals for Wednesday and Thursday all mapped out. By Thursday I will also have Friday's meal mapped out. I know I'm probably sounding crazy to some of you but in order for me to be successful I have to plan things out ahead of time. If I have all my meals planned out I am less likely to head down the wrong road when it comes to eating. I've got to have that structure. For me food is an addiction and takes a tremendous amount of work to eat healthy and lose weight. My meal planning and food logs hold me accountable to reaching my goals.

When I was 300 pounds I also smoked a pack of cigs a day. It was so much harder to lose the weight then it was for me to quit smoking. Food addiction is just like drug addiction or alcoholism and it takes life changing events or approaches to overcome. What was it that allowed me to beat my addictions? Well, a couple of monumental experiences in my life. First, I found out I was going to be a daddy. Second, someone I knew suddenly passed away due to heart disease from years of unhealthy living. Those two events, one very joyous and the other very tragic opened my mind and got me thinking differently. The night I found out about my friend was the night I made the decision to change my life. It hasn't been easy by any stretch but I have been successful. Did I beat my addiction? Yes, but it's something that I have to beat everyday. Everyday I fight and overcome my eating addiction. I only share that because I know I'm not the only one and for those who have not flipped the switch you can do it. You can be successful with hard work, unrelenting determination, and will power. Start making those changes today you will be glad you did! Have a great Tuesday. - Jason The Running Man


Gripperm said...

Congrats on the weight loss

J~Mom said...

What inspiring words!! I still fight food and caffeine addiction. You are doing awesome!! Keep up the great work!