Monday, April 16, 2007

Non-Running Weekend

This weekend I wanted to get at least a 7 mile run in on Saturday. Well, that didn't happen as I was helping my father-in-law with a few projects for his business and time just did not permit. I think taking a two day break from all workouts was a good thing especially with my half coming on Saturday.

I kept my nutrition in check through the weekend and maintained the 5 pound weight loss. Let me explain what my approach is for this weeks diet.

Monday: 10%-15% Carbs
Tuesday: 10%-15% Carbs
Wednesday: 0% Carbs
Thursday: 0% Carbs
Friday: 70%-80% Carbs
Saturday: Pre Race meal will be Carbs+Fat

Prerace Meal: 2 slices Organic Sprouted Grain Bread, 2tbsp Natural PB, 1 Medium Banana. 16oz Coffee and 16oz water. (491 Calories, 17g fat, 67g carbs, and 17 protein)

The idea behind this is to deplete my glycogen stores the week leading up to the race and then the day before is the "refeed" or refilling the tanks, if you will, with good clean complex carbs. I'm looking forward to seeing my weight loss by Friday as it will probably be a decent drop. I'm also looking forward to the carb refeeding on Friday! Have a great Monday! - Jason The Running Man

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sometimes life seems to intrude on training, but it looks like it wasn't bad timing with your race coming up.

I've never tried that approach to carb loading. You will have to let me know if you notice any effect from it.