Friday, April 13, 2007

Weight is Falling

Run: 5 Miles
Time: 50:00
Pace: 10:00

April Totals
Running: 28.3
Biking: 0
Weight Loss: 5 pounds

Well, last night was my first run on a low carb diet. I have to say I felt no difference in my energy levels and my time did not suffer either. I was able to hold a 10 min pace for 5 miles which was my race pace for that distance back in Feb. Only 12% of my calories came from carbohydrates yesterday and I consumed 170 grams of protein. The weight is starting to fall off now as I'm already 5 pounds down this month.

Last night I didn't get to the gym until about 9:30 due to a couple of phone calls. My Uncle had his surgery yesterday and they were able to remove the tumor and thankfully it is not malignant. Depending on how he feels he may be back to work in as little as a week. He runs his own very successful machining and Saw cutting business and my Aunt and the employees are holding down the fort so he really doesn't need to rush back. Knowing my Uncle though he will probably be rolling up his sleeves and diving in very soon. Very good news on the family front. So back to my run, I had no intention of doing a tempo run but that's really what it turned out to be. I don't consider 10 min pace to be an easy run for me so I logged it as a tempo run.

Here is my plan for the weekend. I was originally thinking about doing the distance tomorrow but after getting some good advice from Chad and Mendy I decided it was time to scale the mileage down in preparation for the race next weekend. I am going to run at least 7.1 at a nice easy pace which will give me 15.2 miles for the week. I'm hoping Mendy and I can meet up and run the Donaldson loop. Then Sunday will be strength training. Next week my mileage will really taper off and I also will be doing a few zero carb days leading up to next Saturday. I'm getting excited and nervous already.

I hope everyone has a great Friday! - Jason The Running Man


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great news about your uncle! He sounds a lot like my dad who has been fighting prostate cancer. No quit in either of them.

I think your planned 7-miler sounds about perfect. My only other thoughs are to do a few short runs (2-3 miles) at goal race pace leading up to the race to get your legs primed for it. Sounds like you will be ready to go!

Mary Christine said...

I got stuck on the loss of 5 lbs. in one week. Wow.

Pbear said...

Okay, I gotta hear about the zero carb days before a race. I always up the carbs the week of the race.

Good Luck on the big day!

Michelle said...

Low carb, huh? I think I would die without my beloved pasta and bread! LOL!!

Great job on the weight loss!

I'll still be thinking of your uncle.

Joseph Morcock said...

i came across your site today while looking for the Greer results. I've seen you at races and it look like, at least through your blog, that running has been remarkably successful for you. Tonight I came across this website, , and I sent it to all of my running friends. Your blog stuck with me and so I thought that you might be interested. Congrats on your success.
J. Morcock