Monday, April 30, 2007

Back to Training

Well, I had a really nice week off from training but now it's time to get back to it. I did gain a few pounds but nothing to get crazy about.

I've been really researching different strength training programs over the last week and I think I found what I'm looking for. I knew I wanted to do a split routine but was struggling on the number of days. I looked at 3, 4, and 5 day split routines. A 5 day split is too much volume especially when you add running and cycling into the mix. A 3 day routine was a little less then what I wanted so I settled on a 4 day split routine. So, here is a snapshot of my strength training program.

4 Day Split
Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sun.

Monday - Chest/Biceps/Core
Bench Press - 4 x10
Incline Bench - 3 x10
Decline Bench - 3 x10
Dumbbell Flyes - 3 x10
Standing DB Curl - 3 x10
Standing Straight bar Curl - 3 x10
Hammer Curl - 3 x10
Weighted Crunches - 4 x10

Wednesday - Quads/Calves
Safety Barbell Squat - 4 x10
Leg Press - 4 x10
Leg Curl - 3 x10
Standing Calf Raises - 4 x12
Leg Press Calf Raise - 4 x12
Seated Calf Raise - 3 x10
Seated Leg Press - 3 x10
Dumbbell Squat - 3 x10

Friday - Shoulders/Triceps
Tricep (cable) Pushdown - 3 x10
Assisted Tricep Dips - 3 x10
Lying Tricep Extensions (Skull Crushers) - 3 x10
Dumbbell Tricep Extension - 3 x10
Shoulder Press - 4 x10
Dumbbell Front Raise - 3 x10
Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 3 x10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 3 x10

Sunday - Back/Hamstring/Core
Barbell Bent over row - 3 x10
Seated Cable Row - 3 x10
Front Lat Pulldown - 3 x10
Dumbbell Shrugs - 3 x10
Lying Leg Curl - 3 x10
Standing Leg Curl - 3 x10
Seated Leg Curl - 3 x10
Dumbbell Straight Back/Leg Dead lift - 3 x10
Weighted Crunches - 4 x10

I will probably change up the exercises I do every once in a while but that gives you an idea of what I will be doing. My running miles for May will stay around the 50 to 60 mile range and I will probably bike around the 40 mile mark. My diet is going to be very strict for the next 6 months and I will document that as well. This routine is going to take hard work and real dedication. It will also require me to get some of my runs done in the early morning in order to get my strength workout done in the evening. I may also adjust my work schedule and get some of my workouts done at lunch time will see. So, I'm glad to be back at it and I look forward to my first strength workout today!

Have a great Monday! - Jason The Running Man


Scott said...

Awesome Jason...Where do you find the time to do all that stuff? Looks like you week is booked. Yesterday I went on a "moderately long cycling" ride...was a blast.
I met you at the Furman race that Mendy ran correct?
Look forward to tracking your progress - they are great "reads".

David said...

Good job on getting back on the horse before it gets too comfy relaxing. Gotta keep that momentum going.

Gotta Run said...

Running in the A.M., dark hours is so peaceful. The hills never seem to be as hard.

Key is to do what works best for YOU. Sounds like you know that :).

Mendy said...

Great breakdown of the strength training. That's something I've got to organize better for myself. Mendy - write it down, write it down. Okay - got it!

Getting ready for those training sessions, morning track training, or lunch runs. Join me?

Marathon training starts in a month, let's get ready!

Gripperm said...

Sometimes reading your blog makes me tired :)

Gabe said...

congrats on your lifestyle change, hope you reach all of your goals!