Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rest Period

Well, my diet this week has been very relaxed. I'm just enjoying this little time off from workouts. I have gained a few pounds but nothing to get all crazy about.

I am itching to get out on a run and hit the weights but I'm going to hold off until the weekend. Plus my folks and my brother are in town until tomorrow and its been great spending time with them. Last night I pigged out on ice cream, chocolates, chips, and chinese food. This morning I didn't want to get on the scale but when I did I was suprised to see I hadn't gained a pound since yesterday.

Today I will not be pigging out. I'm not going to be as strict just yet but will be under control today. The month of May is going to be about strength building and "brick" workouts. I will be doing as many bike to run transitions as I can to prepare for my race on June 2nd. Well, have a great Thursday! - Jason The Running Man


Gotta Run said...

Jason -
Awesome job on your first half Marathon. You are right on track. Don't relax to much this week. Bad food can taste so good :).

Keep up the running. You are going to love the Marathon experience. Pain never feels so good until you cross the finish line.


Gripperm said...

Just stick with your plan and it will all work out

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It's always good to get in some downtime between goal races.

You probably want to go easy on the brick workouts. You don't need to do many of them...once a week is plenty for your first time around, and you don't need to run more than a mile or two to simulate the feeling of coming off the bike so your legs learn to make the switch. The risk you have doing to many bricks is that your legs are already fatigued when you begin your run and it opens you up to injury as your form will deteriorate much more quickly. Brick's are a powerful medicine to improve your multisport racing, but just like any powerful medicine, take it in limited doses.

Good luck with it!