Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Nutrition

This morning my daughter woke up with a 102 fever. Thankfully by lunch time she broke the fever and was acting like herself again. Work this morning is going rather well for a Monday and if I say anymore I may jinx myself.

Here are my nutrition totals from the weekend.

Calories: 2177
Carbs: 225g
Fat: 97g
Protein: 116g
Saturated Fat: 21
Sugar: 39g
Fiber: 26g
Water: 128 ounces

Calories: 2617
Carbs: 314g
Fat: 98.5g
Protein: 121g
Saturated Fat: 16g
Sugar: 40g
Fiber: 38g
Water: 128 Ounces

Sunday's calories were the most I've had in a single day since the end of September. I felt like I ate a ton of food but I know that my calories will probably increase even more as my mileage goes up.

Some of those added calories will come from different products by Succeed. Their ULTRA drink is for shorter distances, CLIP2 for longer runs, the SCAPS are salt caps for added electrolytes, and the AMINO provides enhanced endurance, reduced fatigue, and Immune System support. These products will add 140 to 150 calories per serving. I will probably utlize the AMINO and CLIP2 products for sure. Tonight I will provide a rundown on all the supplements I take. Have a great Monday, by the way, it's sunny and 61 degrees here today! Love it. - Jason The Running Man


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Sounds like you are doing really well. I'm interested in knowing how many meals per day you break this up over.


Michelle said...

Wow, you are doing great!!

Oh, your comment on my blog, along with a comment from a friend of mine, has encouraged me enough to sign up for the HM in October. Thank you!!! :)

Val said...

Hope Gracie continues to feel better!

Sonia said...

Definitely JEALOUS about that weather! That's why I'd like to move somewhere hot and nice like SC!! (well my lifelong dream is California but I'd settle for SC!)

Good job keeping track of your food intake!

Larry said...

Glad to hear your daughter is doing better. Two little girls of my own and a few sleepless nights this winter.

I probably missed it in an earlier post (I'm a JTRM newbie), but are you tracking your dietary intake using any software or web-based system or is it all done manually. I really find it fascinating.

Keep it up man!