Monday, February 12, 2007

Supplements and Stuff

Today's rest day came at a great time. I will continue to schedule a rest day after my long run days, just makes sense.

I wanted to post the supplements I actually take. First, let me explain that most of my calories come from real food. However, here is a list of the current supplements I have used, with the exception of the Succeed products. I placed an order for what is listed and look forward to trying them out.

Multivitamin: GNC Megamen
Protein Powder: Nitrean - This is a blend of whey (isolates, concentrate, hydrolyzed), casein, and egg proteins from Atlarge Nutrition. Great taste.
Meal Replacement: Opticen - 1 serving contains 52g of protein and is a blend of whey, casein, and egg proteins from AtLarge Nutrition. The best tasting vanilla protein I've had yet.
Joint Support: - Puritan's Pride Triple Strength Glucosamin Chondroitin
Succeed Amino: - Enhanced endurance, reduction of mental fatigue, faster recovery, and immune system support.
Succeed CLIP2: - Energy, alertness, better recovery after long runs, and prevention of muscle breakdown during long runs.
Succeed S CAPS: - Alleviation of cramping, buffers to stabilize stomach, protection against hyponatremia, sodium and potassium in effective amounts, phosphate and citrate for energy production and delivers the correct amount of electrolytes
Clif Bars: - I love Clif bars! I know there not considered supplements but I do think they play an important part in my training, simply put, ...The Natural Energy Bar. I eat the regular Clif and the Builder's bars.

I'm looking to get a new multivitamin and I think I found one I like. I will do a post on the one I choose and why. This rest day has been great but I look forward to tomorrow's workouts. Have a great Monday night! - Jason The Running Man


Dirt Runner said...

Food for thought or for what it's worth. Succeed S-Caps I take almost year round because of our heat and humidity. On ultras I eat one cap every hour and two if it's a hot day. Clip2 is the nastiest tasting drink next to Heed but it works great. Never let this stuff get warm, always keep it cold. I never drink the stuff unless I'm over 60 miles and I'm still running into the night. Succeed recovery and pre-race packets are great. I use them before and after anything longer than a marathon. I never train with GUs or endurance drinks, only water. I try and starve my body before training runs as well. This way it gets use to performing on only what's inside. Then during a race I can put the supplements in and get the extra boost when I need it most. Disclaimer... I can eat anything when I'm running and it never comes up with the exception of Boost Protein Drinks. It never comes up but it's a fight keeping it down.

Gripperm said...

Clif Bars rock! and when I was a power lifter I used AtLarge all the time for whey products... In fact on their testimonial page is a letter from me :)

Nitmos said...

Thanks for stopping by. Wow, that's a lot of supplements! For me, just some GU and an occasional Protein Bar work fine. Good luck with your training. I'm sure you will reach your goal(s)! I'll keep checking in to see how you are doing. Best wishes.

Sonia said...

I love clif bars too!! =) But during my long runs I only use GU gels and gatorade... I keep it simple! ;-)