Friday, February 9, 2007

Thursday's Nutrition

Tonight I have my 2.8 mile easy run and I'm looking forward to just enjoying the run! Sometimes, like last night, that's a hard thing to do. Hopefully I'll leave my "concrete shoes", at home!

Here are my nutrition totals from yesterday:

Calories: 2018
Carbs: 220g (43.61%)
Fat: 80g (35.68%)
Protein: 98g (19.43%)
Saturated Fat: 13.5g
Sugar: 35g
Fiber: 26g
Water: 80 ounces

My water intake over the last week has been a little lower then normal but otherwise I feel great. Hope everyone has a great Friday and I will update tonight after my run. - Jason The Running Man


Russ said...

Thanks for the kind words...I enjoy reading stories like yours to give me inspiration.

Gretchen said...

Hi! I am so excited when new people read my silly blog! Is your marathon in Richmond VA? I am inspired by your before and after picts. too. I have been lacking motivation so it is always helpful to read a success story.

Neese said...

Well Hello Neighbor I just found you via CRN/Misty's blog...I am in Greenville, SC :o)

Neese said...

P.S. Just read that you ran the Paris Mtn race, Greenville Downtown...I ran those too! and plan to run the Green Valley

Random Athlete said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. It is good to hear from a fellow runner. I enjoyed reading your posts. Keep up the hard work and good luck at the Green Valley Road Race.

Happy Miles,

Michelle said...

Hoping your easy run was awesome!!