Thursday, February 8, 2007

Concrete Shoes

Run: 5.6 Miles
Time: 1:04:07 (11:27 pace)
February Totals
Running Miles: 14
Biking Miles: 14
Weight Loss: 1 pound

Tonight was my 5.6 mile run and I got out around 8:10 tonight. The weather has been really mild here as of late with the temp around 44 degrees and clear. My first 2 miles were just very difficult, it felt like I had concrete in the shoes. Several times I wanted to just stop and walk but I kept plugging along. As I approached mile 3 I started to get my legs and decided to push harder. By the last mile I was feeling good but also glad it was the last mile. I finished up with a PR for this distance at an 11:27 pace which surprised me based on my early struggles but I'll take it.

It still amazes me that some runs that I have like the other night are fantastic where you get that runner's "high", and others that are just an absolute struggle to complete. I guess I can't complain too much because my good runs far out weigh the bad ones. I'm altering my plan a little bit over the next two days. I originally was going to do a 2 mile easy run in the morning and strength training at night. However, because of my run tonight I think the better plan would be to just do my 2 mile easy run tomorrow night and save the strength training till Saturday afternoon. Sunday late afternoon will still be my long run day and Monday will be a rest day. I will report my nutritional totals in the morning. Hope everyone has had a great Thursday and keep running. - Jason The Running Man


sunshine said...

Isn't it funny how a 4-miler can feel worse than a 20-miler.

Looking forward to following you through your training. That's quite an ambitious race calendar -- you've inspired me to get on the ball!

Gripperm said...

I have worn those concrete shoes on many runs LOL

Michelle said...

Oh yes, I have had a few "concrete shoe" runs. They just suck!

Great job, by the way!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I know how those concrete shoes feel! It's good that you kept plugging away though! Have fun!!

Pbear said...

I call it "settling in" to a run. Sometimes I just can't get comfortable in my body for the first few miles...but once I have pushed through it I feel lots better!