Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nice and Easy

Run: 3.4 Miles
Time: 38:53 (11:26)
February Totals
Running Miles: 27.4
Biking Miles: 19

Tonight was my 3 mile easy run. I actually ended up doing about 3.4 just because of the way my route took me. I got out on my run right at 8pm tonight and wow, what a strong run. What I mean by that is, I felt like I could just run and run for miles. I fell into a great pace that just felt fantastic. No joint soreness never really got winded at all. I wish all my runs felt like my run tonight.

The reality is...I will have bad days but like I said before the good ones far out way the bad ones. Wow, great run and I still feel fantastic an hour and half after. Last night I signed up for the Green Valley Road Race 8k on February 24th and I'm looking forward to this race because it's my first race beyond the 5k distance and it is a very hilly course so it will be a challenging 5 miles to say the least.

I've had several people ask me what I use to record my caloric intake. I use an Excel spreadsheet that calculates my calories, fat, protein, fiber, sugar, and saturated fat. I've been using the same spreadsheet since January of 2005 and have not missed one day of recording my calories good or bad. Tomorrow I will update my caloric intake from the past few days. I hope everyone has a safe Wednesday night. - Jason The Running Man

PS. For those who follow American Idol we have a local boy that made it to the top 24. Chris Sligh from Greenville is a fantastic musician and goes to church with my coworker. Check out his blog when you get the chance...Chris Sligh


Johnny Lyons said...

Thanks for the positive comment Jason! Have fun running toward the marathon and for life.

Dinesh said...

Hi Jason, thanks for dropping by my site. I've not updated it for a bit as have been rather busy.

By the way, what does CRN stand for?

Have you been running and biking for long now? I see your event calendar there, and your next race is in Green Valley Road on the 24th.

Best of luck!