Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Daddy's Love

Run: 2.8 Miles
Time: 0:28:10 (10:04 pace)
February Totals
Running Miles: 5.6
Biking Miles: 0
Weight Loss: 1 pound

Today was great going out with my daughter we had a blast. Just went down to Target and goofed around. She just turned four last month and she does have me wrapped around her little fingers. Funny story...this last Christmas all of my family got together. I have two fabulous sisters and one older brother. My one sis has three kids and they are all older then my daughter Gracie. My nine year old nephew David was looking for his shoes to go out and play and my daughter, three at the time, says to him, "Well David your shoes can't just get up and walk on their own", and David looks at his father and says, "Dad, why does Gracie always talk like an adult?" Kids say the funniest things!:) Ok, one more story, the other night at dinner my wife gave Gracie some more peaches and Gracie says, "Thank you mother I really appreciate it". I could go on and on. Anyway, she the best daughter in the world!

Well, on to tonight's run. I got out to run around 8pm. It was around 31 degrees with a slight breeze. I decided to push a little bit instead of taking it easy and I'm glad I did the run felt fantastic. As I came in at my finish mark my watch read 28:10 which is pretty much my race pace at 10:00 minute miles. I really had that "runners high" going at the end of this one. I wanted to keep going but I know I need to push back as my training starting on Monday goes to the next level. Here's how I did nutritionally today.

Calories: 2002
Carbs: 276g (55.14%)
Fat: 60.5g (27.20%)
Protein: 102g (20.38%)
Saturated Fat: 11.5g
Sugar: 69g
Fiber: 30g
Water: 96 ounces

I did mention that I was going to continue the Nutrition discussion from my previous post and I will. I will talk about where we get those calories from and what are macronutrients? Probably will be posting that at some point tomorrow. I will also post my full training plan tomorrow as well. Stay tuned and enjoy your Saturday night. - Jason the Running Man


robtherunner said...

Hey Jason,

Thanks for stopping by. I love that feeling of pushing it at the end of the run and being completely spent.

It looks like you have been on a remarkable journey thus far and I look forward to keeping up with your progress as you train for the Richmond Marathon. Good luck!

Gripperm said...

Your Blog is an inspiration for many people... I am glad I found it

J~Mom said...

Great run! I love that feeling at the end!

getwell said...

Came across your site. Very nice. Good luck with your training and 2007 goals! As soon as I get over my Plantar Fasciitis, I'll be back to training hard full speed and blogging about it once again. :-)

Rose said...

Thanks for your comment and congrats on your recent 5k time! Best of luck with your continued training.

Juls said...

"Anyway, she the best daughter in the world!" :) and she is pretty darn cute too.

Cute stories. I have the best sons in the world. I say that at this moment while they are away at school and I am home waiting for the plumber. Even though they are past that precious 4 year old stage, I sure do love my kids.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.