Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday's Soaking Rain

Training Day Off Sunday
Time: NA
Total Mile in January: 31.2

I was scheduled to run 5.4 on Sunday however, we had very heavy rain all day. Now I'm not oppossed to running in the rain but this just would have not made sense.

So, I've had three straight nonrunning days. Since I missed my running time this weekend tonight I'm going to do my long run. Tonight will be my longest run ever at 8.1 miles. I also for the first time will hydrate during my run. I don't have a water belt yet so I'm just going to do a water drop somewhere along my route. I think I'm going to start to hydrate on runs more then 6 miles.
Yesterday I kept my diet clean and decided to up my calories. I consummed about 2600 calories yesterday. Today I will keep them around the 2000 mark. I did notice this morning that my weight was up 2 pouunds which I was expecting.

Well, tonight I will update after my long run. Have a great Monday!

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