Saturday, January 20, 2007

Feeling Old

Training Day Off
Time: NA
Total Miles in January: 31.2

Today my goals were to get the oil changed in my Tahoe, wash and clean it out, and take care of few odds and ends around the house. Everything went well but my back didn't hold up and I kinda tweaked it in the process. I had 5.4 scheduled for today but due to my back I'm going to rest tonight and get the 5.4 miles in tomorrow night. The extra day rest will do me good. I made sure to keep my diet in check as well as my water intake. One thing I think I do well is listening to my body when it's telling me to rest.

Next Saturday is the Greenville News Rundowntown 5k and I am looking forward to beating my last time. I would love to come in under 30 minutes but will see. Since October I've been losing 10 pounds a month. So far in January I've lost 5 pounds with 11 days to go.

Have a great Saturday night. I figured since I suffered a little with my back here is a pick of my truck at least shes clean. My daughter calls her "Blueberry".

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