Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Mental Game

Run: 5.4 Miles
Time: 1:07:57 (12:35)
Total Miles for Jan.: 31.2

Last week it was 70 degrees here in Greenville, SC. Today the high was only 38 degrees...ouch. Tonight once again I was not paying attention to the time and it was 8:45 before I started my run. So, due to the weather it takes me an extra 10 minutes just to dress for my runs (putting the layers on).

I grabbed my cell phone and my ipod (must have tunes) and I was out the door. Within the first half mile I was already trying to talk myself out of the full 5.4 miles. It was very cold the kind of cold that just has that bite in the air. The first half mile is through my neighborhood where I encounter "The Hill" at least for me it's a beast and no matter how many times I traverse this hill it still sucks every time. My route is a 2.7 mile loop between my neighborhood and two others close by. Once I got past the first mile marker I settled into a nice easy pace averaging between 11 and 12 min pace. As I neared the end of the first loop once again I tried to talk myself out of the second lap. I had to keep telling myself it's all a mental game. I just kept telling myself to push on and you got this. I will tell you that the second lap was no fun at all, 5.4 miles for me is still close to being a long run. The longest I've ever gone straight is 7.2 miles, so 5.4 is still no walk in the park. Several times I wanted to just pull up and stop but each time I overcame those obstacles. It's the iron will within and my faith that keeps me going. As I crossed my finish line I stopped my time and I hit my goal of a 12 min pace. I always feel so good once I finish my runs, I guess that's the runner's high people talk about. The high for me...tonight...I won "The Mental Game"

Tomorrow is Cross Training day which I look forward to. I usually do 5 miles in 65 min. on the elliptical or strength training. We are supposed to have sloppy weather here all day tomorrow with snow and ice. Sounds like fun.

Have a great Thursday and go run somewhere. :)

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