Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fridged Night Air

Run: 2.7 Miles
Time: 28:48 (10:40)
January Totals
Total Running Miles: 44.7
Total Cross Training Miles: 21.1

Tonight I had another 2.7 run. Last nights 2.7 was merely a recovery run and tonight was more of a high tempo run. I stepped out of my garage and that brisk winter air hit me kind of hard. For some reason it felt colder then it really was. My goal was to keep my pace under the 11 minute mark. At the 1 mile mark my lungs were really burning good and I almost stopped to walk a little but I kept at it and the burn slowly faded into the second mile. Based on the way I felt I thought I was pushing into the low 9 minute mile pace but when I crossed the finish line at 28:48 and I quickly did my math I realized it was higher 10 minute pace. I was a little disappointed but I did still hit my goal, and still a good quality run. I also came to the conclusion that I really need to invest in the Garmin 205 Forerunner in order to follow my upcoming half marathon training plan. So, I will do some serious thinking about purchasing one this weekend. They are rather expensive but what a powerful tool.

Speaking of my half marathon training plan, I'm almost done tweaking it. I'm having a hard time setting up my speedwork sessions but should be able to post maybe as soon as this Friday. I also will be posting what my nutritional approach will be.

Well, until tomorrow have a great night and keep running! - Jason the Running Man

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