Thursday, January 25, 2007

Elliptical Experience

Cross Training Miles: 5.4
Time: 65:00
January Totals
Total Running Miles: 44.7
Total Cross Training Miles: 26.5

Tonight was cross training night. I ate dinner with the wife and daughter around 6pm tonight. Here was my nutritional breakdown for today:

Calories: 2032
Carbs: 50.98% (259g)
Protein: 20.87% (106g)
Fat: 28.35% (64g) all good fats
Saturated Fat: 15.5g
Sugar: 59g all from organic sugar
Fiber: 32g
Water: 128 ounces

After dinner I got some time to play with my 4 year old Gracie...nothing better then playing My Little Pony and Dora the Explorer with my kid!:) You that have kids are probably laughing now! Anyway she went down to bed around 8pm. I left for the gym around 8:30. The gym was really busy tonight but I popped on my tunes and jumped on the elliptical. I went 65 minutes and 5.4 miles and felt fantastic when done, great workout.

On another note I will probably be signing up for a Duathlon on June 2nd. I really wanted to complete a couple of Sprint Triathlons this year but since my marathon is in November I am really concentrating on that. However, a guy I work with signed up for the Tri portion of this race and he pointed out to me, thanks Stephen, that there is a Duathlon also. It would be a 5k (3.1miles) run then transition to a 22 mile bike ride then back on the pavement for a 10k (6.2miles) run. I figured I'm already incorporating cross training into my half plan I can just get some seat time on my bike instead of the elliptical. Now I just need to make sure to train through the transition from running to biking.

I'm still pondering the idea and have not totally made up mind if I'm going to do it or not. I will decide before the end of the weekend so I can finalize my training plan. I have another coworker thats going to do it as well and her husband so it would be a fun time.

Well, that's all for now folks....have a great Thursday night...whats left of it! - Jason the Running Man

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