Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Work hard...

Tuesday Totals
Calories: 2002
Cardio: 61 Min Elliptical @ 4.52 Miles, 2.69 Mile Run/Walk
Sleep: 6 hours
Water: 128oz

Today's Weight: 269.5

I wish I could just blink and be 190 @ say 14% bf......but takes hard work and dedication but when completing the goal makes it all the more sweeter. Speaking of work, I decided to up the resistance on the Elliptical last night and that thing kick my butt! 

Let's talk about my nutrition....oh man...I've got to improve what I'm eating. I mean, I'm not eating horrible but I'm not paying attention to my macros just my calories and although I've done slightly better this week eating more I still need work on what I'm eating. So that I will work to improve.

Have a great day.

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