Monday, April 7, 2014

Another fresh week...

Friday Totals
Calories: 1174 - Another low day but Sat/Sun were much better.
Cardio: Rest Day
Sleep: 7 hours
Water: 128oz
Weight: 269.5

Saturday Totals
Calories: 2166 - Getting better but still a bit low for the activity completed
Cardio: 20 Min Stationary Bike @ 3.62 Miles, 65 Min Elliptical @ 5.01 Miles, 40 Min Stationary Bike @ 8.20 Miles
Sleep: 8 hours
Water: 128oz
Weight: 270

Sunday Totals
Calories: 1918 - Again better but still need to add a bit more.
Cardio: 20 Min Stationary Bike @ 3.77 Miles, 63 Min Elliptical @ 4.55 Miles, 2.72 Mile walk/run
Sleep: 8 hours
Water: 128oz
Weight: 269

Today's Weight: 270

Already consumed over 600 calories so that number should be better today. I'm eating more for my early meals which I should have been doing all along, sigh, as that is where my calories have been lacking. Workouts felt great and on Sunday got out for a short walk/run for the first time in a long time. Feels good to see the scale moving even though I was back at 270 this morning I know it will push into the 260s again this week. Another busy Monday to attack...

Have a great day.

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