Monday, March 17, 2014

Nasty Scale...

Calories: 1936
Cardio: 60 Min Elliptical @ 4.41 Miles
Sleep: 6 hours
Water: 48oz
Weight: 281

Calories: 1890
Cardio: 60 Min Elliptical @ 4.66 Miles, 20 Min Stationary Bike @ 4.17 Miles
Sleep: 9 hours
Water: 48oz
Weight: 280.5
Resting HR: 64

Calories: 2140
Cardio: REST DAY
Sleep: 9.5 hours
Water: 128oz
Weight: 281
Resting HR: 69
Blood Pressure: 118/75

Today's Weight: 280.5

It's official my scale hates me.  I thought for sure I would be down below 280 by the end of the weekend but as you can see still hovering at 280ish. I'm not sure I would consider this a plateau as I did consume a lot of sodium and as you can see I also did not consume my normal water amount until Sunday. 

Last 7 Days

However, I'm still ahead of the game for March as we just went over the halfway mark and I'm down 7 pounds for the month so I'll take it. One thing I still need to do is take some measurements of my neck, waist, hips, and wrists, I'll get on that tonight. I also will eventually be recording my bodyfat % here using a 3 point skin fold test, should be interesting. 

I took my resting heart rate Saturday and recorded the lowest number yet with 64 beat per minute which I haven't seen in quite a while. After taking my blood pressure on Sunday I found a pretty cool app called BP Watch which I will be using to help track my blood pressure for a while. 

This week will be a little bit more challenging as I have to head back to South Carolina on Thursday to get my house ready for sale which is a long time coming and huge relief to finally start that process. The good news is because I joined Anytime Fitness I can still workout at the one in SC so no excuses. The big challenge will be food and I intend to stay away from the restaurants as much as I can and plan and prepare ahead of time. 

Have a great Monday.

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