Thursday, May 7, 2009

Having Fun In Alabama....

So far Alabama is fun. The new company is just awesome. lots of great people. I also got in 4.3 miles of running this week and I'm hoping to get at least another 2 miles in tonight at some point. After work tomorrow I'm heading back to Greenville to see my girls, I miss them alot!

I did a short 1.5 miles Tuesday early morning and then another 2.8 miles that same evening. I wanted to get another double run day in yesterday but we had severe weather, lots of lightning and just not safe to run in. The fitness center does not have treadmills either so I was a littled upset but it's probably best I didn't run. Tonight I'm shooting for at least 2miles maybe 2.5 just have to see how I feel. Keep in mind that this is a run/walk, gotta build up to all running!

The new job is just awesome and I'm really already starting to settle in. Next week I get to work with the software engineers, well I get to play with the software so I can develop learning paths around the software. Should be a fun time, these folks like to have fun!

Have a great Thursday night.

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