Monday, March 23, 2009

Running?? Did I say Running??

Oh my, no running yet! I've been a big old slacker for sure. I have a 5 day class that I'm teaching starting tomorrow that has required a large amount of preparation. My eating has been ok but still not optimal. Man, I need to get my act together big time!

Hopefully I will have some fitness to record in here sooner rather then later! I'm getting way too fat and unhealthy! Just wanted to give a quick update, I'm still back.....just taking me longer then I expected to get rolling with the miles!



Darrell said...

Hang in there. Baby steps are the key.

Mary Gee said...

I can totally relate!

Gotta Run said...

Get out there Jason. One foot in front of the other... then everything will fall into place.

We are doing well. Getting in a lot of cycle time with friends. Lots of fun.

Next report better be about running... :)