Sunday, March 15, 2009

No running yet...

The week went pretty well but I still have not hit the road! This weekend we got alot of rain and I spent the time studying for some up coming classes I have to teach. I have another class tomorrow but plan to get that 2 miles in tomorrow evening. If its still raining I will hit the gym and jump on the "dreadmill"!

I've spent way too much time not working out the past 5 months and I've paid for it with the weight gain. Eating way too much food will do that. I'm looking forward to getting my feet under me again and feeling good about my running. I really want to get that 26.2 goal I've had finished! I'm going to make this a very slow process, don't need any injuries along the way. I've gotten all my sugary treats out of the way now and its time to start eating better, something I always struggle with. I'm really out of shape but I know the process won't take too long, just a few months of dedication will see huge improvements. I'm looking forward to the challenges!

Make it a great Monday!


Neese said...

I hope this rainy cold goes away soon! have a good monday too!

Gotta Run said...

alright... next post needs to have a run recap. It is time!! :)